Skirt of Sparkles

This might be my favourite skirt. I've had it for over 3 years now and it's kind of inappropriately short but IT'S MADE OF SPARKLES. I even wore this to work on Friday. I was planning to wear it with my mustard jumper as I've worn before, but I couldn't find it so I went for a cropped black one, which I think I prefer. I had so many compliments on this skirt and it just makes me really happy. I'm not going out-out for New Year (I really, really hate New Year) - just to one of Phil's friends' - but I think with a nice black top this would be perfect.
skirt- Lavish Alice
jumper- H&M
boots- c/o Debenhams
necklace- Topshop
lipstick - Russian Red
I'm having a pretty quiet weekend cause I was actually ill all day yesterday. I went out after work on Friday with some of my team for dinner and drinks but made sure I was home by 10pm because it was the annual Santa run at Parkrun yesterday, which is basically my favourite run of the year. I love it and I've been looking forward to it all year. However when I woke up I didn't feel great and it took a lot of strength for me to accept that I just wasn't well enough to run. I was absolutely gutted, especially as I won't be living at home to go next year. In the end it was definitely the right decision though as I felt absolutely terrible all day and spent most of the day in bed. It felt like the start of flu. Luckily I managed to be well enough for the evening because my parents and I were going over to Phil's house for dinner with his family. Our families really get on which is such a big deal to me, and we had a really lovely night. I had a run planned this morning but even though I'm feeling completely better I thought it would be best to have a rest today - but I'm hoping to be back on it tomorrow! This afternoon we have our last choir performance of the year at the local garden centre where we'll be singing our Christmas selection and potentially our Les Miserables medley, and then I'm going to watch the football with Phil this afternoon. It's been a very quiet, but much-needed, weekend.
Tomorrow is my 5 year (!!) blog anniversary so I'm going to get a post ready for that, and I found out today that I am only three blog posts away from 1000 posts on this blog so I definitely want to hit that target by the end of the year so stay tuned!

Hope your weekend is going well!

Charlotte x


  1. Love the skirt, perfect winter outfit and congrats on five years of blogging!

  2. love that skirt. so lovely. and i haven't been running in ages. itching to go but never have the energy it seems. xx


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