Christmas Jumper Season

I'm sorry that I tried to make "before-work" photos happen. I don't know what I was thinking. Well, I do. I was thinking that I really liked my outfit and didn't want to wait til weekend to photograph it so I went for it. The funny thing was I didn't actually realise how awful the lighting was on these photos after I took them. It was only when I put them on my computer that I was like, oh god. But I really like this outfit. I actually stole it from a mannequin in Dorothy Perkins. I hadn't really considered trying to tuck a jumper into a skirt. It only really works with skater skirt (I tried with my pencil skirt. It made me look pregnant), and still makes you look pretty bulky. But now December is here I pretty much just want to wear Christmas jumpers (I've worn two this week so far) and I get bored of just wearing them with jeans. Wearing them with a skirt feels like a bit of a revelation.
jumper- Primark
leather skirt- Oasis
Chelsea boots- c/o Debenhams
shirt- Boohoo
necklace- Topshop
I hate not being able to photograph my outfits til the weekend. However it does give me an excuse to just wear boring outfits for work! I'm struggling a bit with how cold it is now. Don't ask me how I used to cope with -20 degree weather when I lived in Minnesota. I love that it's December now though. I'm such a big kid when it comes to Christmas. I love all the sparkly lights in Manchester. I don't, however, love the shoppers. I like to go out at lunch for a break from staring at a screen but after spending 40 minutes queuing for collection in House of Fraser on Monday lunchtime I've decided to stick to shopping online. Phil and I went to the markets on Sunday though. I always say I like the idea of the Christmas markets more than the reality, which is true, but it's one of our little traditions now so I like to go. I had some garlic bread with cheese and peppers and, my favourite, white chocolate-covered strawberries on a stick, while Phil had a hot dog, seafood paella and a chocolate-covered apple. I'm in full-on Christmas mood now. It's Phil's work's Christmas do on Friday which should be fun (I'm wearing this) and then I have my next few weekends booked up with Christmas parties, evenings out and all kinds of festive stuff. I wanted to put the tree up this weekend but my Dad says it's too early, so I think it's going to be the 14th. Things I'm looking forward to include: putting up the tree, watching Love Actually (my favourite Christmas film), watching Elf, making mince pies and the Parkrun Santa run. Speaking of Parkrun - I got my first PB in over a year last week. I'm down to 32:09 which isn't bad considering I'd only ran Parkrun under 35 minutes four times before and I usually run about 36 minutes. That 30 minute 5K isn't seeming too far off now! 
Well I hope if nothing else this post gives you some new ideas on how to wear your Christmas jumper, beyond the ol' jeans and boots combo.

Have a great week!

Charlotte x


  1. I love your Christmas jumper, Charlotte! I am really annoyed at myself because I left the three I own (one of which is home-made, with fairy lights sewn onto it) back in England last Christmas so I won't be able to don them until I go back to my parents on the 19th. I think yours works well with the reindeer poking out. ps, have been enjoying reading your blog for the last couple of years but have only just got around to commenting, so hi!

  2. too cute, love this!

  3. Trees always go up on the 1st. Come ON, Dadnextdoorfashion! 😉

  4. I love tucking sweaters into skirts. It really depends on if it's a thin one or not! This sweater is adorable though. So perfect for the holidays and it looks wonderful with that leather skater skirt!

    Jamie |


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