Week in Photos

Wheee I haven't done one of these in a while! It's nice to get back into a routine. Here are some photos from the last two weeks (I completely ran out of time to post one of these last week!). I hope you enjoy! 
1. Yummy breakfast I made for my Mum and I
Poached eggs with rachero sauce, goat's cheese and spinach. Yum!
2. The best £3 blusher you can buy
I was a little scepitcal about this Aldi sunset blusher and the beauty bloggers claiming it a dupe for Nars Orgasm, but I absolutely love it as a pretty, every day blusher.
3. My new favourite dress
For about half of the first week I was home, this was all I wore. Okay I look a little bit like a nun, but who says that's a bad thing?!
4. Diet lunch
Southerwesten bean salad, with boiled eggs and spinach. Actually really good!
5. How I am enjoying my unemployment
I am so behind on Dexter so I've borrowed seasons 5 and 6 from my uncle. Season 5 is getting so good!
6. Healthy Nutella
A fantastic recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie, that I love on ryvitas or with apples for a healthy chocolatey fix!
7. MUA Undressed palette
I'd heard a lot about the MUA Heaven and Earth palette, but as I already have the Naked palette I didn't need a dupe. I thought this palette was a nice addition as I don't have Naked 2.
8. Skull Earrings
How awesome are these skull earrings? You can't really tell but they're made of tiny diamante!
9. Best start to the day
Seriously, I love this oatmeal.
I had sour patch kids for the first time on my year abroad last year and throughout my year back home I had to rely on my personal stash and my American friends to send me them throughout the year. I came back after my summer in the US with four big bags that Josh bought me, only to find they have them over here now! I haven't had any yet because I'm on a diet, but I hear they don't taste quite the same. But still, this is exciting!
11. Holy Moly Guacamole
This lower calorie guacamole by Hungry Girl tastes just as good as the real thing with a fraction of the calories. I've been eating it with mexican salads and scrambled egg whites. Mmm.
12. Parsnip and Pear Soup
I was in Manchester for a job interview on Tuesday and wanted something yummy but healthy for lunch so I did a bit of googling to find somewhere to go. I found myself at the Soup Kitchen in the Northern Quarter which is now my new favourite lunch spot. This soup was unbelievable!
13. Post- swimming hot chocolate
A necessity!
14. Homemade Butternut Squash soup
Fancy some yourself? The recipe is here!
15. Banana and Pineapple smoothie
I ran out of time for lunch on Thursday so I made this big, lovely smoothie. I haven't been able to find frozen pineapple in the UK but loved these smoothies in the US, so I took advantage of some cheap pineapples in Aldi and froze them.
16. Chickpea and Aubergine tagine for dinner on Thursday
One of my absolute favourite dinners. Stay tuned for the recipe next week!
17. Naughty Purchases
Oh I'm not supposed to be shopping, but I really couldn't resist.
18. 30 Day Shred
Man oh man I love this DVD. It's really really tough but I know it's such a great workout. I always feel so great afterwards!
19. Prawn, mango and avocado salad
This was probably the best salad I have ever made. Ever. 
20. Panda jumper kinda day
Yesterday was definitely a panda jumper day. This jumper is my biggest and cosiest and of course, it has a panda on it!
21. A collection of crap from my coat pocket
I pulled my fur coat out of the coat closet on Saturday and here are the things I found in the pocket- a shopping list from my year abroad (over a year and a half ago), a New York subway ticket (from my first trip to New York last March), a dollar bill, a Pizza Luce mint wrapper, a cinema ticket from Duluth and some train tickets from Birmingham!
22. Yummy lunch with my parents
I haven't had bread in absolutely ages so this goat's cheese and spinach panini was a real treat!
23-24: Halloween with my bestie Eve
More photos of my Snow White costume to come tomorrow!


  1. DEXTER!! Is season 5 the one with the guy from 3rd rock from the sun / the santa clause movie? Such a good season!

  2. That's four! I watched that one last year! Five is the one with Julia Stiles :) x

  3. That owl jumper is so cute and I love MUA make-up, I'm always amazed by how good quality it is. Looking gorgeous in your halloween costume xo

  4. Love seeing the metrocard! It's nice to have your blog popping up again in my RSS feed, welcome back!

  5. your costume is adorable! I love it to pieces and you look lovely in it :) I wish I would have gotten an outfit for Halloween but I feel like it just kinda snuck up on me this year


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