How to cope with your Remix Kryptonite

There's no saying when or when you will meet your remix Kryptonite, but there is a good chance you'll find it in a sales rack/at a thrift store/at a swap. It is likely to be something cheap, something impulsive, something you wouldn't normally pick up. It will seem like a really good idea at the time.
However, when you get it home, disaster will undoubtedly strike. You start pulling things out of your wardrobe. It doesn't go with anything. No, you say, I refuse to give up. More things come out of your wardrobe. More items end up on the floor. It just gets worse and worse. You get hot and flustered and frustrated. You gaze lovingly at the item that just doesn't fit in. I don't know about you, but I am obsessed with remixing. I rarely buy an item unless I can think of five or six ways to wear it with pieces I already have. When it comes to an impulse sale buy, either those ideas go out of the window, or the initial ideas I had in my head just don't work.
This was me on Sunday. I'd met my Remix Kryptonite in the Topshop sale rack on Saturday. It was almost what I'd gone in for, but not quite. I'd actually gone in for the blue version, but found the green for £15 in the sale.
This is my remix Kryptonite...
Doesn't look so scary does it? Just a green, polka dot pencil skirt. But the problem is there already. Green. I don't own anything green and I find it really hard to work with. Wear it with red and you look like a Christmas elf, pink is too bright with such a forest green, blue doesn't seem to work for me, neither does brown. Then there's the polka dots. Gorgeous, of course, but tricky to wear with a printed top. But I was determined.

 I took dozens and dozens and tops out of my wardrobe and took a gazillion photos on my phone. Within a few hours, I had some ideas, and the next day, more came to me. I've now worn the skirt twice and have a few more ideas on how to wear it. So, after the success of my Top Tips for Uninspired Days, I bring you How to Cope with your Remix Kryptonite.

1. Ignore everything you know
After buying a green skirt, I googled everything on how to wear green and was advised not to wear certain colours with it. However, I decided not to limit myself with this and try everything. It turned out some of the colours I was advised against really worked.

2. Try everything!
I guess this kinda links in with the first point, but seriously, try everything. Try things out you wouldn't dream of putting together. Seriously, desperate times lead to desperate measures! Worst case scenario, you get a good laugh at your personal fashion disaster. Best case, you create something awesome!

3. Get yo Google on
I heard Kate Middleton had this exact skirt, so I knew it would be all over the internet. Once I had a look-see who else had worn the exact skirt, I then searched my usual haunts- Chictopia, Lookbook, Pinterest, Polyvore etc. for inspiration on both green skirts and polka dot pencil skirts. It definitely gave me ideas I wouldn't have thought up by myself! 

4. Step away from it
Sometimes, you just need an inspiration break. Put it down, go away for a bit, flick through a magazine, read some blogs. Inspiration usually comes when you least expect it! (For me, it usually comes right before I go to sleep, anyone else have that?!)

5. Don't be afraid to "give up"
For me, giving up means pairing with a black tank top or a white tshirt, but it can also mean wearing your new top with jeans or something else simple. Sometimes things just need something simple to really stand out. If you do end up wearing it with something simple, have a play with jackets or cardigans, or mix up textures to keep it interesting. This skirt in particular looks fab with a black tank top but I know I find it hard to keep it simple! Sometimes simple is best!

Tomorrow I will be showing you a couple of outfits I've worn with my Kryptonite skirt!
How do you remix your difficult-to-wear items?

Charlotte x

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  1. I love this!! I actually really love that skirt -- I saw a picture on Facebook of you wearing it and immediately wanted to buy one as well. I don't have many pieces I have troubling mixing up -- before I buy something, I try to think of at least three ways I would wear it, just to make sure I get my money's worth. But this is good advice for older pieces that I feel like I've worn to death!!

    xo Michelle

  2. I know this feeling! I had it recently with a haircut of all things! Talk about total remix, I had this quite boyish hair and girly clothes. No chance of giving up!
    In the end I just went with it, nothing else to do!


  3. Great, great advice! I'll have to use this for some of my harder-to-remix items....Can't wait to see the outfits you put together! 

    XOXO, Lindsey

  4. I love this!! I just saw the pic of you in this skirt on Facebook and it looks SO good =) I've wanted this skirt since it came out but never seen it anywhere =( And these are such good tips, I know exactly what you mean by 'giving up' because I feel the same way!! And I always get ideas as I'm going to sleep about what to wear, although sometimes I'm doing it deliberately because otherwise I end up thinking about work and how much I have to do and I stress myself haha =D Outfit planning is actually quite relaxing!!

  5. Oh I wish I had the figure to pull this off it really is so gorgeous! I love the polkda dots!

  6. oooh I want this skirt now! I think it would go really well with like a pastel pink or jut black or white? It's a bargain for £15 aswell! total love :) xxx

  7. This is such a great post! I do try to buy things that will definitely fit in with everything else in my wardrobe... but on occasion the 'odd' thing will slip through my mental net :) Next time that happen's I will be way more confident in finding the item a friend :)

    Love, Vanilla 

  8.  Hi,

    congrats on being voted into this week`s Links a la Mode!

    Have a nice weekend.

    Best, Jenny

  9. This skirt is obvs a bargain! <3


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