Shopping Ban: Week Three

Okay, there have been some tiny slip ups this week. But I technically haven't bought anything. Technically. 
I've had a really rough week this week and unfortunately, while some people turn to alcohol and drugs, I turn to online shopping. I have been window-shopping all over the shop the last few days. Strike one.
I also went to get dressed on Tuesday and found both of my black pleated skirts are way, way too big for me now (I know, everyone hates the girl who moans that her clothes are now too big, but hey, it's annoying) and I am thus without a black pleated skirt. So, I spent my $30 Oasap voucher on this skirt, but I did have to pay the $12 difference. Strike two.
Finally, I'd been eyeing up this skirt for absolutely ages, and thinking, oh god, I have 3 weeks of shopping ban left. Sian (who fell off the shopping ban wagon this week too!) said if I could wait until March without buying it, she'd buy it for me. But it was in the sale and I just knew in 3 weeks time it would be sold out. So I ummed and ahhed over it and eventually, my Mum said she would treat me to it so I wouldn't have to break my ban. I'm also going to wear it to my Nan's 80th party this weekend. While I technically didn't pay for it, I kinda shopped. Strike three.
And finally, pre-emptive strikes four and five. Last night, in the pouring down rain waiting for my Dad at the train station, I realised that my feet were wet. Very wet. It turns out that my beloved lace-up miliatary boots are about the go to the big boot place in the sky. So on Monday, I will be replacing them. Which leads to Monday.
My bestbestbest friend Ellen is coming to visit me on Monday and we'd planned a day of shopping, pre-ban. Now, I was initially just going to wander around and not buy anything, but instead I have vowed to not go crazy in any way, and to only buy things on my list. Which is new flat black military boots, another pair of white ankle socks (I've lost one of mine! How annoying!) and some black, high-heeled ankle boots, which I also plan to wear for my Nan's birthday. None of these items are one-off impulse buys but things I have been thinking of for a while or things I need to replace. I don't intend to spend any more than £50 in total on these three items. I know it's technically cheating, but it is just one day where I am allowed to shop, before I get back on the wagon until March.
I know this sounds like a cop-out but believe me, I had no idea how hard this was until I started to do it! I think next time I have a ban though, I will do it during 30 for 30 as Kendi always has a ban for this time. During 30 for 30 I find I am focused enough on what I have that I can ignore potential new treats. But at the moment, with my birthday coming up, #ldnlunch coming up and new season items coming into shops, it's very hard to stay strong.
Wish me luck for the next 3 weeks. I promise after Monday I won't fail you again!
How are you guys getting on with your bans?


  1. I am guilty of the retail therapy style shopping too and have been trying to be on a ban for the last two weeks, but then this last week was not a good week and I totally slipped up.  I need to get back on the wagon!

  2. I'm on a shopping ban because In literally have no money! But I am planning on blowing loads in March haha! At least you didn't buy anything on impluse. Every cloud has a silver lining eh?

  3. I honestly think the word 'ban' is what makes it hard. I'm a sucker for what I can't have! You're doing so well though. Even just cutting down on shopping is an accomplishment.

  4. I'm on a shopping ban as well! The only things I've bought have been, like you, to replace items. My v-neck black tee had a hole in it, and my sunglasses broke! Both essentials! 

    XOXO, Lindsey

  5. I felt off the ban wagon this week too... Primark gets me everytime! Why did I walk in there again? Oh yes, for socks.

  6. CHARLOTTE. Your white ankle sock is possibly at my house!! I washed it and I think it's in my drawer...possibly.


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