Festive Week in Photos

So here it is Merry Christmas! I can't believe it's Christmas Day already. I hope you've had a lovely day! My day has been filled with family and food and I've been thoroughly spoiled! I love Christmas because I love traditions. Christmas for us always starts early with present opening, which always goes on way longer than we expect and we end up rushing to get to church, especially because we always think it's at 10am and then remember it's always at 9.30am! Then after church we go to my auntie's for breakfast. Now, when you realise my family has 30+ people and nearly all of us go for christmas breakfast my auntie kind of has her work cut out (I believe they cooked 46 hash browns today!). Then, in a change from tradition we came home and watched Toy Story for a little bit before my Dad took my auntie and I down to the cemetery to see my grandparents. This is our first year without either of them (my grandad died a week before Christmas last year, and my Nana died in May) so it was pretty hard, especially as they always used to come for Christmas dinner at our house. But this year we had my Auntie Linda and Uncle Mick round and two of my cousins, and we had a lovely Christmas dinner (I had lots of vegetables and nut roast!), played the logo quiz game and told lots of jokes after dinner. I'm now wrapped up in my new leopard print dressing gown and new leopard pajamas all full and sleepy and ready for bed! I'm a little sad that Christmas is over because I've been OHMYGODSOEXCITED the last few days, but it's been a lovely day and we're off to Paris on Thursday so I can't really complain! 
Here are my (festive!) photos from this week:
1. Festive stamp on my train ticket
2. Work Christmas card!
3. Writing Christmas cards in Starbucks before work
4. Tiny pineapple...
Or giant hands?
5. Mandatory Christmas film watching
I hadn't seen Elf since I saw it at the cinema with school (I believe I was 13?) but I went out on a limb and bought it a few weeks ago and convinced my parents to watch it with me on Sunday. It's such a feel-good festive film!
6. Festive fun
My friend Kayleigh was home from London for Christmas at the weekend so Eve and I went round for a night of catching up, wine, dancing around the kitchen to Christmas songs and tear 'n' share garlic bread. Awesome.
7. Presents under the tree!
8. Bailey's and burger PJs on Christmas Eve
I knew I had to wear my reindeer jumper for one last time on Christmas Eve and I felt very festive wearing it out for lunch. I also spotted a reindeer-jumper-wearing twin!
10. Christmas Face
I was following a Youtube tutorial for gold eyes and red lips but I ended up not having half the products the tutorial required so I just kinda winged it. My eyes are gold, promise.
11. Christmas Outfit
My favourite Jones and Jones red dress (which I have in two other colours), faux fur jacket and my glittery impossibly-high heels (not pictured).
12. Christmas PRESENTS
I did very well this year! Mophie Juice charging iPhone case, Paul's Boutique bag, leopard print pajamas (and dressing gown from my nan!), Jamie's 15 Minute Meals, Sigma Eye brushes, the Dark Knight Rises DVD, a mini herb garden and Jillian Michaels Collection Box Set. Oh and an apron from my Dad!
13. MAC goodies from my auntie!
14. Favourite Christmas chocolates
Every year I always hope that someone buys my parents a box of these because they hate them and I love them. Ergo, chocolates all for me!
15. Festive Christmas table
Another Crowley-house tradition is my Mum's table. Sure, we have to move nearly everything to make room for the food, but hey, it looks festive!
16. Pimp-tastic leopard print dressing gown
17. And finally, why you don't leave your beer outside
My Dad gave my uncle a bottle of beer and didn't notice the tiny little slug friends on the top. It was only when my uncle was thinking of taking a drink that he noticed them! Luckily I really like slugs so I happily slipped them onto a piece of paper and popped them back outside. I think they just wanted to join in the festivities!

Now, I've shared my Christmas traditions. I'd love to hear about yours!
I hope your Christmas was wonderful.

Charlotte xxx


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