Week in Photos

Little bit late this week because of my unusual Sunday post yesterday! 
1. Work Christmas Tree
We had our office decorated on Tuesday. Nothing like a bit of festive cheer in the workplace!
2. Graduation Breakfast
Never one to turn down a good veggie English
3. All ready for graduation!
Can't beat a good furry jacket!
4. Graduation Face
Soft curls and Urban Decay eyeshadow
5. UoB lapel pin
How adorable is this little pin?! We got it in our graduation packs and I used it to pin my hood.
6. University of Birmingham painting
This painting is absolutely beautiful. I've always had a big crush on my university so I'm so happy to have a picture of it for on my wall.
7. Christening my University of Birmingham mug
Favourite. Mug. Ever
8-9: Graduation Presents
I did very well with graduation presents- diamond earrings and a graduation cap Pandora charm.
10. Fur collar love
Perfect for making a black coat more exciting.
11. Festive biccie
With my M&S coffee!
12. Sunday
Sundays always mean a messy sock bun and glasses. Always.
13. My favourite part of Christmas...
Eating far, far too many of these.
14. Om nom
15. Veggie loaf
Last night's dinner- veggie loaf with tomato sauce and cheese, with lots of veggies!


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