In 2012...

I'm not really one for New Years Eve (I was snuggled up in my leopard print dressing gown, fresh off my flight home from Paris, by 8pm tonight), but I am one for looking back on the year and looking forward to the one ahead. I'm noticing a lot of people talking about how 2012 has flown by, but I feel very differently. When I look back on how much has changed in 2012, I can't help but think it's felt like a very long year indeed. This year has definitely been the year of changes; some of them anticipated, some of them not. It's definitely not been an easy year, but there have been some wonderful moments that it is important not to forget. 
Here are just some of the things that happened this year...
- 2012 was the first year without my grandad, who we lost last year just before Christmas. We also lost my beloved grandma in 2012, just 4 months later. It's definitely not been the easiest year for my family, but it has undoubtedly brought us closer together.
- this year I finally finished my undergraduate degree, wrote two dissertations, gained a first in my reading and popular culture class, and graduated from university. Writing this down brings such a sense of relief (I couldn't believe it on graduation day!) because finishing my final year was not easy. There were a LOT of tears, long long days in the library, and some days when I thought I was going to have some kind of break down, but I did it! 
- while finishing my degree, I also managed to read 21 books this year (16 for pleasure!)
- I spent summer 2012 working as a lifeguard in New Jersey, my second time living in America. I can now say I am a deep-certified lifeguard, and I saved two lives. My summer is even more poignant now as the seaside town I worked in has been almost completely destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. It's funny looking back on how devastated I was when I didn't get the job I wanted in San Francisco, but I had an amazing time in New Jersey.
- 2012 has definitely been a year of travel! I went to Edinburgh for my birthday, took various trips to London, and I've just come back from Paris (pictures to come!). I also went to New York City six times while living in New Jersey, and travelled across America after I finished working in the summer. I visited 18 States this summer, visited the Grand Canyon, line-danced in Nashville, partied in Vegas, travelled on my own to Boston, visited friends back in Minnesota, and had an amazing time travelling across the USA.
-In April 2012 I dyed my hair from blonde to chocolate brown. This was a big change! While I'm naturally mousey brown, I've been blonde in various forms since I was 11, so this is the first time I've been brunette in over 10 years!
- After finishing my degree in May, I went over to America for 4 months and got back in October. I applied for jobs online and was scouted by a recruitment agency. Within a few weeks of being back in the UK, I'd started my first big-girl job. I absolutely love my job and I'm so excited to see what the future holds.
- After taking dance classes all through university, as well as my long walks to and from classes every day, I was desperate for a new work-out routine after moving back in with my parents. In 2012 I started the 30 day Shred and I'm very proud to say that I completed it! I'm starting Ripped in 30 in the New Year and I'm so happy to have found a work out system that I enjoy and find effective.

With the good and the bad this year, I can definitely say I have grown and evolved as a person and I'm excited to see what 2013 will bring. 2013 is the first year when I haven't known what to expect- no university classes to take, no summer adventures planned- which in a lot of ways stresses me out, but it does mean that ultimately the shape of the year is entirely up to me. I don't know what 2013 is going to bring, but I am going to post some goals for the next year tomorrow.
I hope your new years is fabulous. I'm going to curl up and watch the fireworks on TV and recover from a busy few days in Paris!


  1. I'm excited about 2013 too. It's the year I'll be moving to the UK (from Portugal) and, hopefully, doing some things like you've done. Travelling, getting a big-girl job, etc. Can't wait for the rest of my life to begin :)


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