Just to give you an idea of exactly how behind I am with blogging, this Scout bag was sent to me in September. Yes. That behind. BUT I'm going to tell you that it's all about getting a really good review and really testing the durability of the bag. Got it? Good.
Anyway, so I was sent this gorgeous Scout bag to review way back in September and to be completely honest, it ended up being a bit of a lifesaver! When I went to America I only really brought handbags, and it was only when I was getting ready to go travelling that I realised I didn't really have any bags with lots of space in them! This bag became my go to bag. And it's been travelling all across America. Don't believe me? Here it is at the Rocky steps in Philadelphia:
Well-traveled, right? Anyway, the reason this bag has traveled far and wide across the world is because it's so spacious. I am one of those big bag girls. You know the sort, right? Those girls who carry everything but the kitchen sink in their bags? Yep, I'm one of those. Don't even talk about clutch bags to me. How am I supposed to get my makeup, umbrella, cardigan and a pair of flat shoes in there?! This bag proved to be perfect while I was travelling- I could get my makeup, headphones, glasses case, contact lens solution, jacket and purse in there (to name put a few things that it housed during my trip!). I'm also super duper picky when it comes to bags- I'm not really a "bag girl" because I hate having to co-ordinate my outfits around my bag and move all my stuff around, so this was perfect because not only is it big, but I chose a neutral colour and a simple design so it will go with everything! I always love the look of fancy bags in purple snakeskin or polka dot or something like that, but the reality is I can usually be found toting my faithful black Mulberry or my Matalan brown satchel! 
If I was feeling adventurous though, these would be my top pick Scout bags...

I think this leopard print weekender would be perfect for spicing up a simple outfit or for a weekend away, and I love idea of taking the red and white striped pocket rocket bag for a summery picnic on the beach! For something a little more season-appropriate, I love this tweed-look bag or if you're going further afield, the fast getaway rolling bag would be perfect for nailing the military trend. My absolute favourite though? The cool clutch. I take my lunch to work everyday so this insulated bag would be much more stylish than the plastic Asda bag I usually take my lunch in!
Which bag is your favourite?

Charlotte x


  1. I'm absolutelly the same way with my bag, unless it's a quick errand I carry my whole life in there!


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