This Week I...

So apparently when I don't have an iPhone with 3G, I basically don't use instagram, so no pictures this week! Sorry!     

- went out for Monday night sushi and nachos again
- received my Boston travel guide in the post (wheee I can't believe I go tomorrow!)
- started to seriously plan my Boston trip
- had another fun day in New York
- was featured on the Grazia website
- had a lot of fun playing Tube Basketball after work (basically basket ball, in a rubber ring, in a 10-foot deep pool)
- realised I have the upper body strength of a kitten
- went out for half price apps at Applebees
- signed up for a trip to Washington DC and Philadelphia with people from work (I'm going to both places on my road trip too, but I think it will be really fun!)
- got really sad that I'm not at home for the olympics
- got asked by about a million teenage girls if I know One Direction
- was featured in this lovely post by Sarah
- decided that since my keyboard is breaking and I've already replaced the battery in my laptop once, that I'm getting a Mac when I get home (exciting!)
- had another Red Lobster and groceries date with Bri 
- realised that yes, I have been out for dinner 4 times this week (it's the American way, right?!)
- received a lovely postcard from my best friends who were in Berlin this week (very jealous!)
- got super-excited for my trip to Six Flags Great Adventure after reading about all the rides there!

Writing this had made me realise that I actually haven't done that much this week! I guess some weeks are more exciting than others, right? I think all I've done this week is go out to eat! I'm off to Boston tomorrow though, and then Six Flags the following week, plus I'm hoping to make lots of other plans over the next few weeks too. I can't believe I leave in a few weeks- it's going so fast! I'm trying to squeeze in as much as possible while I can!


  1. Thanks for linking to my post :) Have fun in Boston! I'll need to get hostel trips from you soon! Also Philly and DC are both wonderful.

  2. Please tell me that you always say you do know One Direction and start telling them really odd facts like "Harry really loves lions" so they start getting loads of lion-themed gifts.


  3. 'Another fun day in New York' haha :) Sounds like you're having lots of fun! x


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