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Sorry this is a little late. I went out to see Premium Rush with Genna on Sunday and when I got home my housemates were all hanging out and I wanted to join in the fun! Here's what I've been up to this week...

- went out with Genna on Monday for delicious Mexican food and cocktails
- very much enjoyed doing my hair and makeup for the occasion
- met some fellow Brits sitting at the next table. It was 4 guys who had just finished working at a summer camp and were travelling. It was so exciting to hear another British accent.
- had more cocktails and played pool with some guys in Hemmingways Cafe
- discovered that homemade breakfast burritos are the way forward
- had a lovely day shopping in the mall with my housemate, Kristyna
- may have bought another VS bra
- and a shirt from H&M
- ended up getting stuck in the mall again, but decided waiting an hour for the bus was much better than being stuck in the middle of nowhere in Connecticut for 6 hours
- ate my first Auntie Ann's soft pretzel (sour cream and onion, SO GOOD!)
- had a yummy frappucino (why is there no starbucks in Seaside Heights I ask you?!)
- discovered that the Macy's in our mall has a MAC counter. How did I not know this? Actually it's probably a good thing I didn't know!
- finally got my eyebrows waxed- and I love them!
- went to see The Dark Knight Rises again with one of the guys from work
- went out after work on Wednesday with people from work for pizza, dippin dots and rides at the pier
- rode the Skyscraper again!
- discovered that serious tiredness is when you say no to free ice cream in favour of sleeping
- got really excited that I'm going to see Bri again next week
- planned the trip to Philly/DC that our boss is taking us on
- booked a trip to Niagara Falls and got an amazing deal. $225 between three of us ($75 each), including transport, a hotel and a tour of the falls! I cannot wait!
- tie-dyed my work tshirt and despite getting stressed out about getting it right, actually did a pretty good job!
- found out from my Dad that I got a letter with all my results and marks on from Birmingham. And it made my Dad cry.
- had a lot of fun celebrating our housemate's birthday on Thursday
- found out that it's tradition to take a shot of Ukrainian Vodka and instead of a chaser, follow it with a pickle! Very weird!
- Also discovered that adding alcohol to a slurpee is GENIUS
- kept close to the birthday cake when I saw it was being cut. Mmmmm.
- decided that sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and see what happens, even if it's not really the right place or the right time. It's better to do something for a while than regret not doing it at all.
- discovered that sitting out watching the ocean and drinking coffee at 8am is wonderful
- enjoyed watching the plastic crab race we had in our lazy river on Saturday
- ordered these jeans from Own The Runway. I just hope they arrive before I leave! They are exactly the same as the AX paris ones I was lusting over, and they're in the sale!
- was very proud to be featured on Sally's links list. Hi new readers!
- got very excited that I only have to work 9.30-6 for the rest of the season and not 8.30-7!
- finally sent all my postcards (including cards to all the people who helped me in Boston)
- bought a pair of second hand Nike sneakers for walking on my road trip. They are like walking in air. I love them. Is this what comfortable shoes feel like?!
- went on a really fun mini golf date
- did not eat chocolate covered bacon- but I heard it was good!
- tried my first cannoli
- went to see Premium Rush (and saw a trailer for the next JGL movie while I was there- heaven!)
- of course, got froyo afterwards
- had a busier day off than my days at work- but I was very productive!
- absolutely loved only working until 6!
- decided to go do karaoke tonight but I'n starting to get cold feet. A glass of wine or two and I will definitely get myself up there!
- had an article posted on the Grazia Magazine website about my experiences in New Jersey! You can check it out here!


  1. Love what you did with your t-shirt! You are probably the coolest guard in the park if you wear that :D Your week sounds great again! You really make me want to travel to the USA too :) x

  2. of course I had to read about your review of NJ, and thank you for how you put it all. hehe.


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