This Week I...

- rode 11 rides at Six Flags
- rode the tallest rollercoaster in the world, and the second fasetst
- created my highest sock bun yet (perfect for rollercoaster-riding!)
- shot paintballs for the first time
- finally got my coldstone!
- tried a soft pretzel for the first time (my response? "It's like a hard pretzel...but soft!)
- had our last ever Monday Night sushi and nacho night, with lots of leftovers!
- had my first real rescue! (finally!)
- had a really great night on Thursday night when we had friends over
- wore makeup and curled my hair and felt human!
- said goodbye to Bri
- but planned a trip to come visit her before I leave the East coast
- had our last Brilotte date to Target and the Mall
- bought this amazing red leather jacket
- booked my flights back to Duluth!
- started researching the prospect of doing a Masters (hopefully part time) next year (2013-14) in the ACS department at Birmingham to continue my dissertation research
- created banana pinapple smoothies!
- went to sleep at 8.30pm on Friday night (wild!)
- rediscovered my love of post-work walks along the boardwalk
- thoroughly enjoyed watching the Closing Ceremony
- cried all the way through the closing ceremony because I was so proud of my country
- went on a Spice Girls bender
- decided that I need to bring dippy eggs to the New World (I can't believe they don't eat them here! I couldn't find an egg cup anywhere!)
- started to write a huge "books to read" list for when I get home
- had an unexpected Brilotte lunch date when Bri came into work
- made a pot of chilli. It was 10 portions
- finally finished Life of Pi (I can't remember the last time it took me 2 months to read a book. When you have an English degree you're used to reading 2 books a week. Shows how busy I've been!)
- started reading In Cold Blood
- staring writing postcards to send home (I can't believe I leave in 3 weeks!)

I think I'm off to see The Dark Knight Rises again tonight, and then plan to spend my days off writing articles, blogging, shopping with my housemate and generally relaxing and getting things done. I am so excited to get some rest!


  1. Eep, it must have been scary making your first rescue - you're a proper hero now! Sounds like a great, and very busy, week xo

  2. Yummmm, Coldstone!
    Congrats for your first rescue, and all of that food looks yummy!
    What an awesome jacket, love the colour and bet it's really soft!

  3. They don't eat dippy eggs? What? That's mental!


  4. looks like another awesome week! Really love that red jacket! And so exciting that you might go back to studying, why did you decide that? Do you miss writing dissertations already? :D xx

  5. NO DIPPY EGGS?!!? That's my favourite egg what the hell!! Love the red jacket, can't believe you only have 3 weeks left! x

  6. Your hair is looking so beautiful in all these photos Charlotte!x

  7. you look lovely, I can't believe it is all coming to an end but you are going to have a fab time travelling. Oh golly, reminders everywhere of 'In Cold Blood' I have to read it and write about it for my first lecture back... I still haven't got the book, ahhhhh wanna do it for me? ;) haha xxx hope you're well xx

  8. I've always thought I would love to do a PhD and be a lecturer but it's always seemed like something I would never really do. But I was thinking more and more about it and it kinda started to make sense. I am seriously considering a masters and then from there I'll see if I do actually want to do a PhD. It's a big decision and I'm stressed about making it, but I have a long time to decide yet!

    Charlotte x

  9. ah thank you! It's all kinds of crazy colours right now but it was so nice to have curled hair for a change! I wear it in a ponytail and have a baseball cap for work. And I have been known to go 4 days without washing it...

    Charlotte x

  10. The red jacket looks wow and going to bed at 8:30 actually made me lol. I'm curious as to the fastest rollercoaster in the world.


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