Nail Dilemma

If you follow me on Twitter, you have undoubtedly seen my frequent posts lately about my nails, so I'm after some advice.
As you probably know, I am a (fairly recent) ex-nail biter and have long(ish) nails for the first time in my life. So I've been so excited to have fun with different nail colours and have bought a zillion new nail polishes.
My problem is, I've never managed to have a DIY mani last more than 2 days.
After cleaning and buffing my nails, I have been using OPI Chip Skip, to dry all the natural oils from my nails, followed by OPI Nail Envy or Essie First Base as a basecoat. Then I have used mainly Barry M  or Models Own nail polishes, followed by Seche Vite. From the millions of reviews I have read, this should result in a long-lasting mani. But it doesn't. No matter what I do, no matter if I ensure my fingers aren't anywhere near my mouth or ensure I don't pick my nails, they chip after two days.
I'm desperate for a miracle technique or product to help my nails last. As soon as I get a chip I pick my nail polish off, which I know is awful for my nails and probably makes the chipping worse.
Any advice is very much appreciated!


  1. Glitter polish. It never comes off no matter how hard you try! lol

    No, but seriously, I know mine usually last 2-3 days without chips and I never using anything but straight polish. (I know, I know, that's probably horrible for my nails) I think outside of gel manicures or fake nails, there really isn't a whole lot of long lasting options.

  2. I have probably already spoken to you about what I use/do. But in case I haven't' I used Sally Hansen hard as nails for a base, then 2 layers of white polish, then the colour I want/design (2 layers) and then another layer of sally Hansen. Also I always make sure I take every layer over the ends of my nails to coat that edge that gets knocked first :) x

  3. I love models own they are one of the few brands that live up to their hype!


  4. I have the same problem, I lvoe nail polish but it takes ages to apply without mistakes and it lasts only two days without chipping so it's too much effort for me! =) And I hate chipped nail polish, so I just pick it off too! I can only have either nicely painted nails or no nail polish at all, I hate chipping :/


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