This entire outfit is built from this Betsey Johnson skull ring. I bought it at 1am from ebay last week in a delirious tired state. So I decided to style my whole outfit inspired by Betsey Johnson. I really liked this outfit on Monday, when I wore it, but I'm not 100% sure about it now. I love the chambray collar under the jumper, but I think it's a bit too preppy for the look. I do, however, love these tights and the leopard socks. And my pink lips.

Well, fashion fans, you know what I wore today? Sweatpants. And a hoodie. Yep, it was one of those days. I'm gonna be honest, I love my trackies. They are so comfy and fleece lined. I spent the day writing articles in bed, getting stuff sorted for my blog, and working on my essays. It's been a good day but I'm going a little bit stir-crazy spending my whole day inside. Just when I was considering going out though, it started to rain. Ahh well. It's been a productive day!!

jumper- Miss Selfridge
skirt- River Island
jumper- New Look
shirt- Primark
boots- New Look
tights- Henry Holland
ring- Betsey Johnson
socks- sock shop in San Francisco
lipstick- MAC Impassioned

Well nothing else to report today. I might try to get an outfit post done tomorrow but I have a few posts stored up ready to go. I'm just super uninspired at the moment! I've got a busy weekend ahead of me too. I'm working tomorrow night and we're open til 4am. 4am, urgh. It's gonna be a late one. And then Saturday I'm going down to Luton for my friend Emily's birthday, which should be really awesome. Then I'm staying one more week to do extra work here. But my essay work is all starting to make sense now and I just found out I got a First in my presentation worth 20%. Woop!

Have a great day guys!

Charlotte x


  1. I think Betsey would approve of your funky pink skirt. I LOVE her! Last year, for Christmas I bought my best friend a Betsey Johnson necklace from Macys and she flipped out, it was an adorable cherry with crystals! I love the ring. You look great Charlotte!

  2. your tights are so cute and im loving that skirt and the coat. very chic

  3. Great outfit! The leopard coat looks so snuggly. This looks awesome on you, although I do agree the chambray collar looks a little out of place with everything else. I love dressing well and putting effort into how I dress, but I like to spend at least one day a week where I spend a considerable amount of time snuggled in nothing but my big blue puffy bathrobe hah. I live by myself though so wutevs, and it's comfy. Hope you have a great time Saturday :D


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