Outfit Favourites: February-March

Girl next door fashion is two years old at the end of December, so to celebrate I'll be looking back on my favourite outfits from the last year. You can see my outfit favourites from December and January here

I feel like I have a lot of favourite outfits from February and March. Either that or I had much more time to take photos last year! I've been feeling a little uninspired with my winter wear lately so I'm hoping this will help inspire me again!

I used to really have issues with mixing navy and black, and this outfit really helped me to get over that. I really don't wear this skirt enough- I will definitely getting it out again now!!

This was my day-time Valentines Day outfit last year. I was obviously all loved up at the time so I went for heart-print tights and a red dress. I really, really love this outfit. I used to wear jackets under my coats a lot last year, which helped give me some variety. I recently bought some new heart-print tights so I definitely want to swap my usual cable-knit tights for patterned ones.

I love the mix of neutrals and leather here. It's made such a summery outfit look great for winter.

Ever since I got this dress, I'd been wanted to pair it with a leather jacket and boots. I love the mix of girly lace and tough leather. Always an outfit favourite.

I can't remember where I got the inspiration to wear this blouse under this jumper, but I think it looks fab! This is a really casual, go-to outfit and something I have been wearing a lot lately, but I really like it. Monochrome is such a go-to combo.

Oh I just love the combination of leopard print tights and leather, against the pretty neutral dress. I adore this dress from The Lovely Ones, sent to us by Modcloth, and I hope to get it back one day- I have lots of ideas for it!!

This is one of my all-time favourite photoshoots (it's the one from my header!!), and I still love it. I think this was the first time I tried a belted cardigan, and I was a little obsessed with it for a while. I will definitely be going back to this trend again. I love the contrast of the mustard cardigan with the floral dress. Hands down, one of my favourite ever outfits.

9th March
This isn't the most exciting or inspiring outfit, but I just think it's really cute. I haven't been wearing knee socks as much as I used to, but they're such a great alternative to tights.

Another one of my absolute favourite favourite outfits. I love the head-to-toe grey. These shorts are too big now but I really want to find a way to make them work. I especially love the red lips and striped tights that help the outfit avoid looking boring.

I absolutely love this red cardigan, and I'd been after one for ages! There are red accents in the playsuit and the cardigan really brought them out. Again I love the belted cardigan and knee socks.

Oh how I love this blazer. It's just perfect. Black, white and red is one of ,my favourite combinations and this outfit is so simple but so cute. Man, that skirt is short though!!

I don't wear this dress nearly enough, but the tulle skirt looks fab against the leather jacket here. I love mixing textures, especially in an monochrome outfit.

Which outfit is your favourite?

Charlotte x


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