Outfit Favourites: June-July-August

Girl next door fashion is two years old at the end of December , so to celebrate I'll be looking back on my favourite outfits from the last year. You can see my outfit favourites from December and January here, February and March here, and April and May here.

My blog's birthday is actually today so happy two year anniversary girl next door fashion! However, I have work today and tomorrow, so I'll blog more about my blogaversary tomorrow, and I'm still behind on everything with, well, everything that's happened, so you still have a few more days of outfit favourites...

 6th June
Still love this outfit, still hate the socks. This was when I was fresh from San Francisco, and my outfit was everything I bought. I never shop in Urban Outfitters, but Michelle and I went in San Fran and I bought this top and skirt for $20 each in the sale. I have worn both the top and skirt countless times now. The little peter pan collar on this top is divine.

8th June
Erick's dad gave me this $3 vintage dress which he bought from Goodwill (where Erick used to work!) for Erick's Mum but got the wrong size. It is absolutely gorgeous. I really want to get it altered because it's a tiny bit too big, but I'm so scared of wrecking it! I got so into wedges and socks this summer, and I love this outfit.

26th June
Back in England now! This was the 9th day of my 30 for 30, and it was my cousin's First Communion, so I had to wear something a bit dressy. I'd never thought to pair turquoise tights with this dress, but I really liked it.

11th July
Oh I was so, so obsessed with orange and turquoise over the summer. I really love how this outfit could be so simple, but the accessories really make it. I'm not really a big accessories person, normally, but I really need to work them into my outfits more! Doing 30 for 30 was a great way to push myself more.

21st July
Another simple outfit from 30 for 30 that the accessories really make. I love me some leopard print.

25th July
I was getting pretty desperate in the last few days of my 30 for 30, so I tried out the whole dress-as-skirt thing, which I really love. Another way that 30 for 30 really pushed me.

1st August
I love print mixing, and had been desperate to try florals and stripes together. I really love this combination.

17th August
More colour-blocking over the summer, and again with leopard accents. This skirt was an absolute bargain in the Zara sale.

21st August
Another dress-as-skirt outfit, with pink wedges and pink lips. I really, really prefer autumn and winter style but this kind of outfit makes me nostalgic for summer.

When I chose this skirt from French Connection, I had no idea I would wear it as much as I do, but now I don't know how I coped without it. I absolutely love the mix of leather and pretty tulle.

Oh how I love this blazer. Oh I love it so much. It's such a gorgeous colour. I really love the combination of turquoise and mustard with the leopard belt. I am also wearing leopard shoes, which you can't see here.

31st August
And the lace dress is back again! I miss my denim jacket in the winter. It really screams summer, but I would really like to try it in the winter. This is a perfect summer outfit for me. I also loved the taupe wedges and striped socks I wore with this outfit too.


  1. You should keep an eye out for a shearling lined denim jacket! My dad had one when I was little and I remember it being this ridiculously warm heavy thing I loved.

  2. oh happy blog anniversary!!!! all of these outfits are adorable and make me miss the warmer weather!!

  3. You should wear maxi dresses/skirts more often. You don't wear them often, but when you do, I love it!

    P.S. I was going through a few of our photoshoots from last last fall. DAYUM your hair was short!

  4. aww happy birthday to your blog Charlotte! pretty outfits.. keep up the great job!

  5. Ah, love all these outfits! They provide great inspiration :) Love the mix of orange and teal in the second to last pic. Great colors!


  6. Happy two years! Wow hard to believe I started reading your blog months before you came to the US!I love love love the pink and orange outfit with the turquoise accents. It suits you so well!


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