Mrs. Claus

My Mum will love this outfit. As I mentioned a when I last wore this jumper, she bought it me and she loves it. She also bought me this dress. This dress is ridiculously hard to style though for the simple fact that it was my Christmas Day dress last year and it just screams Christmas. Red velvet and lace is about as Chrimassy as it gets. But thankfully, Annebeth came to the rescue again.

When I saw her red velvet skirt, I thought, ahh, that could work, so I layered my jumper over it. The neckline was a bit of an issue though- the dress has a lace pussy-bow neck, but it looked funny tucked out so I just stuffed it back in!! White tights are not at all flattering, but hey, they're festive. My housemate said I looked like Mrs. Claus! I felt like I needed some more accessories but I wasn't sure what to go for. There seemed to be a lot going on already with the velvet and the stripes so I kept it a bit simple.

I cannot believe it's December! I just don't feel festive at all. I guess it's because this time last year we'd had snow in Duluth since October- they apparently only just have snow in Minnesota this year!!- and here it's not even cold. My Mum is coming down on Saturday though and we're going Christmas shopping and to the German markets  so I'm hoping that will get me in the food. This year too, I'll be at home to put the tree up, which will be nice. December is also fun around my blog too, because I'm celebrating my two-year blog anniversary this month!! Over the next few weeks I am going to be showing you my favourite outfits over the last year. I did the same thing last year and it was so fun to look back over all my favourite outfits.

jumper- Miss Selfridge
dress- Miss Selfridge
boots- New Look

Well that's all from me for tonight. I need an early night before another wonderful library sesh tomorrow. I know, I live life in the last lane, don't I?

Have a wonderful evening!

Charlotte x


  1. 1. thanks for being inspired! I'm honored!
    2. the lace pussybow totally matches the detail on the shoulder of your sweater
    3. those white tights look lovely on you, not unflattering at all
    4. no accessories needed, this is cute as hell!

  2. love the jumper and skirt, im following :)

    Jordan x

  3. Annabeth to the rescue! I actually really like the white tights. Since they're not just flat and smooth they add to the outfit instead of being a boring blank slate.

  4. I have a red velvet skirt on my christmas list and you two are making me want it now!! I love the striped jumped layered over this dress, very christmassy indeed :)

  5. the velvet dress is amazing! I couldn't even tell it wasn't a skirt till you said so haha. The white tights looks really cute too!



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