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I am writing this from home. Home home. I had a lovely day with my Mum yesterday, but I've been feeling absolutely rotten these last few days with sickness and absolute exhaustion and stress, so I decided to come home with her. Being home and being looked after was exactly what I wanted, and needed. I've felt a bit guilty having done no work this weekend, especially as I am absolutely flooded with work, but I think this was what I needed. I've been in the library every single day, working every evening til six or seven, and I've just hit burn out. So I definitely needed a night at home (I'm getting the train back tonight) to just sleep and do nothing. I'm still feeling pretty lousy- I've been feeling really sick and exhausted, especially after eating- but I've been on antibiotics so I'm not sure if that is part of it, but I'm hoping this weekend was what I needed to get myself back up and ready to start again with my work tomorrow.

Anyway, here's what I've been up to this week...

1. Keyrings\
I finally put these keyrings on my keys- the You are Lovely keyring my housemate Briony bought me, and my old UMD keyring from my keys last year
2. Panda excitement\
You may know that pandas are my absolute favourite animals, and I am so so excited that they have arrived in Edinburgh! I am so excited to go and see them!
3-4. Dressed-up jewellery
On Tuesday I just wore this outfit, but dressed it up with some pretty jewellery, which is unusual for me.

5. Accent nails
Silver sparkly thumb and Essie Licorice nails
6. Panda gloves
7. Lonely panda glove
Those who follow me on Instagram (@girlnextdoorfashion) will have heard about my panda glove drama. I was having a nightmare morning on Tuesday, and got to uni to find only one glove in my bag! I walked all the way home, checking all the ground and the walls for it. I was starting to give up hope when I got to my house, praying it was on the sofa, when I found it, all dropped and lost and abandoned on the stairs to my apartment. I have never been so happy to see it!!

8. Gold nail varnish
I went to the pharmacy for my prescription and came out with this
9. Urban Decay collection
One of my New Year's Resolutions is to wear more makeup in the day time- I have a ridiculous amount of makeup and brushes but I always wear the same makeup every day!!
10. Advent Calendar
My Mum always sends me an advent calendar- even when I was in America- and I had a little cracker for day one. This reminds me of America- trying to explain what Christmas Crackers are, and that no, they are not like Christmas Cookies!!

11. Betsey Johnson ring
On Monday night I felt so sick that I couldn't sleep so I ended up sitting downstairs with my housemate Sarah til 1am. And late-night ebay-ing. 
12. University of Birmingham Christmas Cards
How adorable are these? I just couldn't resist buying them. American friends- expect one of these in your mail box soon!!
13. Yummy lunch pizza
My mum and I love Pizza Express so we went in there for lunch yesterday. This is the goat's cheese, spinach and onion pizza, which was amazing.

14. Brazilian Stew
I really wanted to take my Mum to Bodega yesterday, a South American restaurant in Birmingham that I'd heard great things about, but when I called them to book a table they were fully booked! We ended up walking back past it after our half-arsed attempt at going to the German Markets (in the end it was just too busy and we were too laden with bags to enjoy it) and thought we'd just see if they had a table- and they did! We both had an amazing Brazilian Stew and bread.
15. No place like home
My decision to come back home was made about 5 minutes before the train left so we had to make a mad-dash for the ticket booth!! So, so glad I came home though- even though I spent the first 15 minutes of the journey sat on the floor and crying because I felt so ill!!
16. Ciara's Christmas Cake
While I was home I had a chance to go visit my grandparents, which is a bit of a bitersweet affair. My Nan is in a nursing home and my Grandad is back in hospital. Anyway, while we were visiting my grandad, my cousins and my uncle came to visit too. My cousins are 12 and 8, and my youngest cousin, Ciara, had made this Christmas cake at school. Isn't it fab?

17-18: Glitter nails and Seche Vite
I did actually get two other nail varnishes (a Rimmel glitter topcoat and a 17 red glittery polish) but this was what I used for my nails today. This is Model's Own Juicy Jules (without a silver base because I didn't have any colours with me at home) and I finally caved and bought some Seche Vite. If you follow me on twitter (@gnd_fashion) you'll know I was a bit apprehensive about buying it because of the health warnings, and I'd ummed and ahhed for ages over it. But I saw it in Boots yesterday so I thought I'd give it a go. I don't think I got the full effect of it because it was over 3 quite thick layers of glitter, but when it finally dried, man did it dry! I'll be able to review it better over coloured polish though, I think.
19: Perfume from Daddy
Ralph by Ralph Lauren has been my signature scent since I was 12. My Dad went to Germany this week so he bought me a bottle back from duty free. Thanks, Dad!

20: Wrapped-up Bully
I thought it was hilarious to see Birmingham's Bull wrapped up in a snuggly blue jumper yesterday!!
21. New lippies
The girl who helped us in Oasis yesterday was wearing this gorgeous bright pink MAC colour and I just fell in love. The nude pink is a Kate Moss for Rimmel colour. I've been after a perfect nude pink for ever and have never found the right shade for my dark-pigmented lips. I tried about a million on in MAC yesterday but this ended up being the winner- and a third of the price!!
22. New tights
My Mum and I bought a lot of stuff yesterday, but most of the stuff for me was for Christmas- Oasis shirt, Zara Blazer, Topshop shoes, MAC 228 brush, fur jacket, Babyliss Curling Wand... but Mum did treat me to some pretty tights. I was going to get them from Primark, but my Mum said she'd buy them for me from Dorothy Perkins to avoid having to go into Primark! She bought me another spotty pair (mine have a ladder in them ://), some more heart ones (again, my old ones are knackered) and these Henry Holland Alphabetights which I've had my eye on for ages!!

Well, it's back to the grind and back to my work tomorrow, but I am feeling so much better having been at home. A couple of days has definitely got me ready to go tackle an especially busy week!!
I hope to be able to update as much as usual this week, but if I start getting overwhelmed (or into sweatpants) I might have to resort to doing my year outfit round-up to celebrate my two-year blog-aversary this month.

Charlotte x


  1. Poor panda mit drama! I hate loosing gloves so I can sympathize, I have one sock monkey glvoe and one lamb glove because they lost their mates.
    I love the necklace you're wearing in the first row of pictures and am incredibly jealous of your new tights, I was searching for some new ones yesterday and couldn't find cute patterned ones like these!

  2. Amazing post.Too fashionable.I love those photos very much.i'm giving message in a bottle every one.

  3. I love your "week in photos" posts! Seeing that UMD key chain makes me nostalgic, though.


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