Outfit Favourites: October

Girl next door fashion is two years old at the end of December, so to celebrate I'll be looking back on my favourite outfits from the last year. You can see my outfit favourites from December and January here, and February and March here, April and May here, June, July and August here and September here.

October was obviously when I started to get obsessed with wearing red...

4th October
I can't remember what my original inspiration was for this outfit, but I absolutely love the combination of nude and maroon, and it's a great way to use all the nude pieces I went crazy over last summer for autumn.

5th October
Super chilled out outfit, but one I really love. I like these trousers- they are such a great alternative to black or blue jeans, and I love my converse- even though they don't match!

7th October
This is one of my favourite outfits, and I just felt so damn good in it. I love the fact that it's all monochrome, but the mix of prints and patterns keep it fun. I love these shoes especially with ankle socks.

11th October
Simple combination of browns here, but I love the mix of leopard and rust.

12th October
Again, another pretty simple outfit, but one I really like. I love this blouse and skirt, and think the beige from the spots works really well. I love these knee socks.

14th October
This is tied with the 7th October for my favourite outfit of the month. Lovelovelove the leather shorts, knit and check shirt, and again, I adore the shoes, tights and socks. I felt so hot in this.

18th October
Hey, it's that red Zara dress again! Love this dress, love the fairisle jumper, love the scarf. A perfect winter look.

19th October
Sian inspired me to layer this dress over a maroon top (I bought it when we were in London because she was wearing it and I loved it). I'd forgotten I had these maroon socks too!

28th October
This red midi skirt was a complete impulse buy, but isn't it fab? I have so many ideas for wearing this that I haven't had a chance to wear yet. I think it works so well with my Brand New tshirt and ankle boots.


  1. These are all such class outfits- October was a great month for you!

  2. The outfits are gorgeous - I love the leopard print dress. x


  3. I love all these. ALL OF 'EM. You always dress so in line with the seasons.

  4. I really love the outfit from the 18th, definitely a good winter look!


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