Week in Photos

1. Henry Holland tights
Teaching me how to put tights on without laddering them. Probably necessary.
2. Perfect nude lips
Finally found the perfect colour. I am so happy!
3. Lipstick collection
I really want to wear lipstick more. This is my collection- it's getting quite big now!!

4. Black, white and red
Standard and simple Tuesday night outfit
5-6: Dinner with the girls, and the boy
My friend Becca was visiting on Tuesday night so she and I and Ed and Steph went out for dinner at Bodega where I'd been for my Mum on Saturday. We had nachos to start (my favourite!) and then I had an amazing stuffed butternut squash.

7. Mint green and glitter nails
Can I still do glittery accent nails after Christmas? This question keeps me awake at night.
8. Wednesday's outfit
French Connection dress and H&M cardigan
9. Cosy sweatpants
I think I've worn my sweatpants three times this week. I've just been so bust I've just wanted to be comfortable.Mine are fleece lined and lovely.

10. Tools
This is my day-to-day makeup equipment. I might do a makeup post again soon on my everyday wear.
11. First Christmas card
From my lovely friend Becca
12. Birthday Card for Emily
I love buying cards and I always get the funny ones. This one made me giggle.

13. Friday
I have photographed this outfit and will put it up at some point this week. I've been wanting to layer this blouse over this dress for so long!
14. Panda reference of the week
I was researching Eve Sedgwick for my English essay and it turns out she loves pandas. The quote says "The more pandas there were, the happier Sedgwick felt". My sentiments exactly.
15. Pink and silver nails
For when I got bored of the green

16. Getting home at 4.50am
Work was a very long night on Friday. We close at 4 at the end of term, instead of 3, so I'm always knackered.
17. Card and Elves
Thank you, Ellen!
18. Lipstick blot
Saturday night red lips.

19. Dress from Fancy Treehouse
 I have been looking for a tartan dress for ages, and when I saw this vintage one from Fancy Treehouse I just fell in love. I can't wait for it to arrive!
20. Emily's Birthday present
I was in Luton this weekend for one of my best friend's birthday. Emily loves elephants, so I got her this elephant ring. I was so happy that she liked it and wore it out!
21-23.Night out snaps
Me and Ellen/Me and the birthday girl/Me and Steph
24. Best cheese on toast ever
Our post-night out snack of the evening

25. Emily's Mum's Biscuits
Emily's mum made these amazing biscuits and sent Ellen, Steph and I home with a little pack of them each. They're cappuccino and chocolate flavoured!!
26:.Sunday dinner
After two late nights, I couldn't resist the offer of fish and chips for tea. Fish, chips and mushy peas with curry sauce is the best.
27. More sparkly nails
Red and glitter today.

Well I'm gonna go back to lounging in my sweatpants and watching Love Actually. I need an early night tonight!

Charlotte x


  1. So, I'm a dork, and I've been looking forward to your Week in Photos post for a few days because my Instagram has been acting dumb on my iPhone lately and won't load any photos in my feed!! I could only read the captions, which made me feel like I was out of the loop, ha ha!

    xo Michelle

  2. Awesome photos. I love how you always put them together. I want more lipstick too. I just haven't found the perfect brand that stays while I'm at work.


  3. fun!! love the yellowy outfits too :)
    xo dana


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