This week I...

- had another awesome trip to Target
- found out there is an early morning bus from Seaside to New York
- decided that I seriously need to plan my trip to Boston, via New York
- had a lovely package arrive from Shabby Apple
- and one from Jones and Jones
-discovered this amazing page of customer stories
- made an awesome bean stew
- lost my water bottle in the Lazy River
- went to a house with a pool (for the first time!)
- went to my first pool party
- met the cutest kitty EVER
- saw a Minnesota Vikings towel at work and got really excited about it
- ordered this bikini
- shared funny lifeguarding stories with my coworkers
- got very jealous of my Mum's new car (it's a white audi and it's gorgeous)
- bought a new purse
- had my new bank card arrive
- dealt with a blocked toilet and sharing one toilet between 12 for two days (edit: it's now blocked again. urgh)
- went on a 45 minute walk nearly every night after work
- survived a 10.5 hour shift after only 4 hours sleep (thought I was going to die)
- started strategically applying my suncream on my legs so the areas that always get tanned have factor 50 on, and the pale bits factor 30
- went to the pier with my housemates and rode all the rides

- have been eaten to death by mosquitos (I was counting the bites, but I stopped at 10)
- experienced my THIRD storm
- watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I with my housemates
- ate a whole meal in the dark while we watched it
- changed every mention of "wand" in the film to "penis"

- got my first proper pay check!
- rediscovered my other favourite salad
- discovered a shoe website called Shoebacca
-hung out with my kindle (I'm currently reading Life of Pi)
- had an adorable little boy tell me my accent was pretty
- bought new converse

- ate Ben and Jerry's while reading about Ben and Jerry's
- wore my pretty pastel sandals
- had my Mum order my graduation dress (it's not til December, but hey, it might sell out!)
- met a guest at work who was British too
- ate cake and cheese puffs for dinner
- came to the conclusion that working in a waterpark all summer it not too shabby!


  1. Busy week! But I'm trying to get over the fact that you've never been to a pool party before!!

  2. Sounds like a busy week Charlotte, love the bikini and I have to ask you this=Do Americans really have HUGE ben and jerry tubs or are they really like the ones we have in the UK? 

  3. Sounds like a great week. I love your new purse!

    Eilidh xo

  4. Sounds like a lovely week, Charlotte! Well, except for the toilet thing of course :/ That salad looks delicious, how did you make it? And oh my, your graduation dress! Gorgeous! x

  5. Kitty is super cute.. I love it's colours! Also your pastel sandals are purrrrfect, and cannot wait to see your Jones and Jones parcel :)
    Hope you're having a lovely time xx

  6. What  a lovely week!
    Kitten looks adorable- jealousof your pool party I imagine they are crazy fun!
    Did you defer your graduation because you're in NJ? Just wondering as I might have to do the same :)
    Glad you are having a much better time!

  7. I love the Harry Potter wand/penis game!


  8. Not a lot of pools in England! Far too cold! x

  9. So far, I've only seen the 1 pint ones which I think are the same! I'll keep my eye out for you! x

  10. I know I tweeted you about this but I thought I had better respond in case other people want to know! It's inspired by a salad at Pizza Luce, a pizza chain in Minnesota, where I used to live. My version is cashews, craisins and goat's cheese with italian dressing, theirs is honeyed pecans with Gorgonzola and spinach. x

  11. Yep, my graduation should be this week, but I'm doing it in December. I'm really glad I found out about deferment because I didn't want to miss out on either experience! Because I had a year abroad, a lot of my friends graduated last year, and so I already missed out on graduating with my closest friends! Quite a few people on my course (American studies, not English) are actually deferring because they've gone back to the States too so I won't be the only one in December!



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