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Can you believe I've been here a month now? In some ways it feels like I've been here forever! 2 more months left in NJ, 3 months left in the States! Here's what I've been doing this week...

- experienced a day so hot the power went out all across Seaside
- and then went out again when we got a huge storm as a result of the heat
- saw The Amazing Spiderman
- went crazy at the toppings bar when we got pre-movie froyo
- had a lot of fun at work when I was working at the bottom of one of the slides and the guests that came down high-fived me
- enjoyed playing the telephone game (or chinese whispers as we call it at home!) at work while we rotated
- found out that our mascot, Slider, has a suit he can wear in the lazy river which has been cracking me up for the last 2 days
- also found out it's his birthday party on Saturday which means he has other mascot friends come visit. SO EXCITED.
- went to work without makeup
- started planning a Summer Bucket List
- started planning a trip to Europe with my parents
- and a trip to Paris at Christmas
- went to Aldi! (okay, you might not know this but I am absolutely obsessed with Aldi back home. I go 3-4 times a week- I love a bargain. This was kind of a big deal)
- began to realise and be proud of how independent I am
- but also got really, really homesick
- got super awkward telling people why I take photos of myself
- experienced my first 4th July
- ate peanut butter cookie dough fudge (aka, lots of words I like put together)
- and pizza
- hit 11000 tweets!
- discovered that cooking broccoli and carrots in orange juice is awesome
was mistaken for being 17 (I'M 22!)
- and asked if I was from New Zealand
- had a guy from Moldova like my accent
- got a little bit excited by the British aisle in the supermarket

- bought some Cadbury's fruit and nut
- finished my first giant bag of Sour Patch Kids (and started my second...)
- made my favourite aubergine and chickpea tagine
- went sliding after work on 4th July (the new slides are so fun!)
- bruised my leg after sliding after work on 4th July
- helped a little boy who was crying and had lost his Mummy (he was about 2!)
- received my new bikini

- wore my new bikini
- went to the mall
- finally bought the Naked palette
- tried to photograph this outfit, but it was too hot to do so
- had two really lazy days off (much needed!)
- found a peanut butter banana smoothie to be disappointing
- watched funny videos with my housemates (KEN LEEE and an The Italian Man who went to Malta were favourites)
- shared jokes about accents with my housemates
- learnt a few words in Slovak and Czech (I can say "I am afraid of blackberries" in Slovak)
- got super excited that there's going to be a Post Secret event in Birmingham. And it's at my uni. I might have to go.
- got a bit sad that I should be graduating this week
- counted my lucky stars that I asked my Mum to order my graduation dress last week, as it's just sold out (my graduation isn't until December because I deferred)
- was asked "where did you acquire your accent?" um, from the accent shop?!
- ate far too many pretzel M&Ms
- bought the most awesome lunchbox ever- look at that dressing compartment!
- developed an addiction to crunchy pretzels
- had my first McDonald's smoothie (so good!)
- skyped my friend Eve for an hour even though it was nearly 2am at home
- finished watching every episode of How I Met Your Mother (what do I watch now?!)

This week has been super busy, but a lot of fun. I think I've done something nearly every night! I am so so ready for two days off now! Tomorrow I think I'm going to the beach and then Tuesday will be my weekly lazy day before I go for dinner and to Target with one of my friends.
I hope you had a fun week too!

Charlotte x


  1. Haha I LOVE the British aisle. I would have stocked up on everything. I'm such a homebody!

    Your bikini is super cute too. Oh, and aren't people in America hilarious for guessing accents? I had one woman say "Are you from England or Australia? Because you never can tell, can you?". Well, yes, actually I can!


  2. Every time I'm reading these posts Charlotte I get so jealous! It seems like you're having such an amazing time!

  3. That bikini looks AMAZING on you, honestly it really suits you!! I'm really going to have to buy one now - I love the red gingham one =D
    Looks like you're having so much fun, can't believe you've already been there a month, wow!!

  4. Sounds like a great week girlie! Pretzel m&ms are my favourite! Water park sounds so much fun! :) the bikini is gorgeous too x

  5. Love the bikini. It really suits you. The lunchbox looks handy. I love a good compartment in a lunchbox. 

  6. I get Australia all the time and I've had Irish, New Zealand and "the south". Crazy!
    Yeah I really regret not getting some heniz beans!

    Charlotte x

  7. I love the urban decay naked pallet. It's the next thing on my wish list!


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