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I've been generally really bad at the internet this week. Not having 3G is frustrating when you're out and about all day, which is why I don't have a lot of photos, and also why I tend to forget what I've been doing all week (is it sad that when I write these posts I have to look back over my tweets to remember what I've been doing? Yeah...). Outfit posts will be coming up this week, and I'm also going to New York again tomorrow so I'll hopefully have some photos from that too!

- discovered that the hypen on my keyboard is broken so I have to copy and paste in every hyphen I need. Which is very difficult for these posts.
- found out as a result of this I am going to need to buy a whole new keyboard for my laptop. Waaaah.
 - played water volleyball after work on Monday
- remembered that I really, really suck at most sports. Especially volleyball apparently
- managed to touch the ball about three times. The embarrassing part was I was trying so, so hard! The only time I got it over the net was when it hit me in the face and bounced off my head!
- felt undeserved of my Breakwater Bucks (they're like a reward scheme we have at the waterpark-if you do something good you get a Breakwater Buck and you can use them for food etc. at the park) as a result of winning the volleyball contest
- had the greatest meal ever- nachos followed by sushi
- had the greatest meal ever for $10. It's definitely about half price ladies night!
- realised as I was writing this how much I use my hyphen
- remembered how violently orange Fanta is in this country
- went to New York for the day!
- had my first frappucino in a long time!
- decided that I really, really need a Mophie charging iPhone case after Genna bought one in New York
- bought two MAC eyeshadows and came home to find I already had one of them (sushi flower and pink venus)
- survived my first 8.30-9pm shift
- discovered that wearing a santa hat is a good way to survive a 12 hour day
- thanked god pinterest for the sock bun in the humidity
- booked my trip to Boston!
- ordered a Boston guide book so I know where I'm going
- experienced some more crazy East Coast storms (but luckily they weren't as bad as the ones in New York)
- got super-homesick watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony
- discovered that chilli, cream cheese and cheese dip is amazing (I think anything that contains those ingredients is going to be awesome!)
- found that eating olympic ice cream cake definitely helps 
- ate my first ice cream cake!
- was gutted to find out I missed seeing Frank Turner in the pre-olympic ceremony. He's one of my favourite artists
- got excited when I remembered I'm going to see him for the 6th time in November
- tried on some amazing leopard print jeans in H&M (going to see if my Mum can find them at our local store for when I get home!)
- continued the hunt for the perfect floral jeans
- had one of those horribly stressful and awkward days with my friend Bri that we will definitely laugh about in years to come. It was about as awkward as any day could ever be.
- found out that if you buy one of the huge huge coffees from Starbucks you can actually fit it into two tall cups 
- went to Marshalls, the mall, and the grocery store in my uniform and without a speck of makeup after work. This is an achievement.
- discovered a new awesome salad- broccoli, chickpeas, tomatoes and feta
- had two more fake-rescues this week
- discovered that I am a very cautious lifeguard. I jump in just in case, even though every time so far the person has been okay. Probably not a bad trait to have in a lifeguard but it does mean I end up absolutely soaked!
- drank my smoothie out of a red solo cup
- discovered that cotton wool pads make a really good plug if you don't have one for your sink!
- celebrated my friend Gerianna's birthday with pink birthday cake and white zinfandel (my favourite wine!)
- hung out with my housemates at their mini party on Sunday night 
- received some lovely tights from Tights Please (can't wait until it's cold enough to wear them!)
- bought some postcards from the waterpark to send to my friends (watch your mail!)
- started to plan two trips with my friends for when I come home (Brighton for Halloween and Dublin for Emily's birthday)
- read some more great posts on Thought Catalog- 19 Pieces of Advice You'll Need to Make it Through your 20s, 20 Methods to Make your Weekend Interesting and my favourite of the week, 17 Ways to Relieve your Stress
- really enjoyed this post on unanswered questions in The Dark Knight Rises (don't read it unless you've seen it though! Huge spoilers!)  

Hoping to try to get another post up later (when I've actually taken the photos!) but if not I should have lots to tell you after another day in New York tomorrow! Hope you've had a fabulous week too!

Charlotte x


  1. As always I read through this all pretending I was being a cool lifeguard in America! I also lolled at your fake rescue again....sorry....was it another LAD this time? 
    Annndd WHY is it that fanta is SO orange in other countries? The one in egypt made my insides glow in the dark : /



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