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The weather here has been pretty gross this week, so my week has been quite quiet. A lot of movie-watching and eating and reading my Kindle. This was supposed to go up last night, but I went to go see The Dark Knight Rises so I didn't get time! I should have a couple of outfit posts coming up soon too.

- finished work early twice due to the horrific weather in New Jersey
- didn't work at all on Friday due to the horrific weather in New Jersey
- had another fun day at the boardwalk
- ate delicious tuna bites and froyo

- had a fun day at the outlet malls on our unexpected day off
- managed to avoid buying ANYTHING (I did try on some lovely red jeans though, but I think I'll get some when I get home!)
- made the decision to go to Boston alone
- realised, yet again, how amazing you guys are for always having faith in me
- downloaded Boston travel guides for my kindle to prepare me for my trip
- listened to Call Me Maybe on repeat for the whole journey back from the outlet malls
- ate my first cornbread
- went to a really fun international BBQ
- ate s'mores (cooked over a fire this time), and set one of my marshmallows on fire, as always
- tried dirt for the first time
- and inevitably ate so much I thought I was going to be sick
- re-read my dissertation (glad I did it after I got my marks back- the typos made me cringe!)
-watched Catfish (very interesting movie)
- made a very disappointing Greek salad (I couldn't finish it!)
- ate some very bad meals (ice cream for dinner, anyone?)
- thoroughly enjoyed watching 21 Jump Street with my housemates
- massively over-plucked my left eyebrow- wax appointment needed!
- received my new trousers, dithered about whether to keep them, and then cut out the label so I had no choice
- had my first fake-rescue. A little boy went down one of the slides, went under the water, came up and splashed around and then went back under the water. I blew my whistle and jumped in. I went to grab him from under the water and asked if he was okay. He told me he was fine and swam off. Gutted my first rescue wasn't a real rescue.
- discovered that it's actually true that in an emergency you can use saliva to clean your contact lenses. Yep, it's gross, but desperate times!
- went to see The Dark Knight Rises. And it's amazing. Seriously, if you haven't already seen it, go do it. I didn't think anything could compare with The Dark Knight but it's absolutely amazing. And I didn't think I could love Joseph Gordon Levitt any more than I already did
- had an overwhelming urge to email my American Studies professors to see what they thought of The Dark Knight Rises. We had a lecture on The Dark Knight in my second year and its political implications, and I found TDKR even more politically motivated, so I'd be interested to hear what they thought.
- made plans to meet Kallie in New York tomorrow!
- got very excited to go to New York tomorrow!


  1. Wait a second. . is that Celsius temperature? My family who lives in Toms River said it was about 68 degrees on the weekend down there and it was 74 up here in NJ and I don't know how to read the difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

    I hope to see The Dark Knight eventually. I think I'd rather see the Spiderman movie in theatres right now though. eek. 

  2. Oh celcius, sorry! Gets a little confusing! I kinda think in both now so I sometimes confuse myself!
    Spiderman is good, I just felt like it was a big repeat of the first Spiderman movie though. It's good but lacking in originality.

    Charlotte x

  3. I love reading your updates. Hope you're still enjoying yourself and glad everything has started to look better for you. I knew you'd be fine :) xxxx

  4. ah, I can imagine that would seem repetitive. I really loved the original three Spiderman movies too, but I think they are trying to go MORE by the comics with the new one. Gwen Stacy was his lady until she died and met Maryjane through his coping haha. My brothers had allllll the comics and I'd steal them and read them. . . 

  5. This sounds like loads of fun, and lucky you on your unexpected day off (although I hope you still got paid) xo

  6. I LOVE these posts! Although I think you've introduced me to the one American food I may not like... Tuna Bites.
    Your rescue story made me lol a bit so apols! Gutted he just swam off, you should have just grabbed him and swam to shore (or the steps) to look like a hero. I would have!


  7. I can't lie, I miss the horrible weather of the east coast!  Out here in Seattle, everything is kinda just moderate all the time.  It's much less exciting.  

    Have fun in NYC - it's my forever-home, if you will.  


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