Guest Post: Lauren of Someone Like You

Hi everyone! I have another lovely guest post today, courtesy of the gorgeous Lauren of Someone Like You. I'm back from my Grandma's funeral now so I'm just concentrating on my exam now for the next few days. I promise I'll be back soon. For now, enjoy another fabulous guest post!

I'd like to introduce you to Lauren of Someone Like You, my next guest blogger of the week. What I love about Lauren's blog is her total honesty and super sweet personality. As much as I enjoy reading blogs by people who prefer to keep their blog a positive, happy space, I really appreciate bloggers who aren't afraid to open up and be themselves, and Lauren definitely fits that bill. Lauren is absolutely gorgeous and her style is adorable, so I'm absolutely over the moon that she agreed to guest post for me. Now onto the lady herself...

Chiffon Skirt, Brown Wedges, 1960's Purse: Thrifted
Floral Top (actually a dress): Forever21
Bird Cage Necklace: Target

Hello sweet readers of Girl Next Door Fashion! I'm Lauren. A shy teenage gal from a small town in the US and the blogger behind Someone Like You. I really feel for Charlotte to have to go through her final exam to finish up her degree- I'll be in the same boat in just a few weeks! The end of my senior year of high school is fastly approaching and I always seem to have mixed feelings about it.

Somedays I can't wait to get out of high school fast enough. It's a place filled with judgement, pettiness, and loneliness for shy gals like myself. In other words, the last place I ever want to be! But sometimes I want to hang onto these last few lingering weeks. This place gives me a comfort and is familiar. It houses so many memories and familiarities that I'm not quite ready to let go...Even though I feel like my classmates don't understand me and get on my nerves, a small part of me is going to miss them because, well they have been apart of my life for 12 years.

I don't know how I'm going to feel on June 3rd; the day I graduate and leave behind all this forever. Maybe I'll be happy. Maybe I'll be sad. Maybe I'll be regretful. Who knows. All I know if that I'm excited for the future and all that it holds
Thanks you for having me, Charlotte!

With much love, Lauren.


  1. Lauren is one of the best, most creative, beautiful people on the net.  And this look certainly proves that.  Love the high waist and those gorgeous locks!  You are a stunner dear and thanks to Charlotte for giving her another place to shine.

  2. lauren, when you graduate, i imagine you'll feel all those feelings: happy, sad, & perhaps a tad regretful. your  future is wide open. :)

  3.  I love Someone Like You. lauren has sch a good blog. I also think she looks great in maxi skirts! I have a pale pink skirt that I feel temped to try out again on seeing this.

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