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Hi lovelies! This is the last of my current guest posts (I have LOTS more coming up when I move to NJ though!) and a lovely lovely post by a lovely blogger. My exam is tomorrow (eek!) but I'm feeling very prepared for it, so I'm going to spend my night relaxing, watching TV and reading my kindle, and having a really early night so I have plenty of time in the morning. I really hope you've enjoyed all my guests posts- I'm excited to be back properly on Wednesday!

My final guest post is from the adorable Maggie of Lifesize Paperdoll. Maggie's blog is one of my favourites because it's not always clothes and shoes and fashion, it's Maggie. 100% Maggie. When she's having a good day, a bad day, I feel like I know her inside out from her blog, and I just love feeling like that about people. She really inspires me with her openness and it's something I try to emulate with my own blog. She is a really sweet girl with a super cute boyfriend, and I'm really glad she chose to share her story on my blog. Especially as she and Niklaas are a huge inspiration for doing the LDR thing- something I have tried twice and always failed at! Anyway, enough from me, let's hear from the lovely lady herself (ps. I did not pay her to say all these sweet things about me! Promise!) 

When Charlotte asked me to fill in for her, I didn't have to hesitate before saying yes. Charlotte is one of those bloggers who wears things that I look at, drool over, try a trend she's wearing, and realize I'm not a tenth as cool as she is to actually pull it off (C- I am so not cool!). But that's okay! Because the Charlottes of the world are there to inspire us and push us to try new things and sometimes, the occasional trend does work. Next on my list? Her mint jeans! I'm drooling over those, currently.

DSC_1887 DSC_1877 

My name is Maggie and I blog over at Lifesize Paperdoll. My blog has kind of turned into a daily lifestyle blog//sometimes clothing blog//college blog//writing blog//love blog. But that's okay! My favorite part about blogging and something that took me a long time to realize is that it's our own. I can do whatever I want on my blog! I used to get so bogged down by content, readers, and stats but after taking a long vacation, I came back realizing I had to just be me and post when I wanted and what I wanted. It's worked. I'm more motivated than ever and so happy. Also, I love meeting new people. Come say hi! I love chit chatting and getting to know people!

DSC_1865 DSC_1864 DSC_1876

I knew guest posting on Charlotte's blog would be a challenge- I wanted to post something that meant something to me and was a little bit more special than my normal posts. Charlotte has amazing style (far more superior to my predictable relaxed floral-loving style) and as I said, her blog is a constant source of inspiration. I decided that I would talk about and post pictures from my two year anniversary with my boyfriend and talk a little about that. We went to dinner at a more upscale restaurant than our usual choice of iHop and it was absolutely wonderful and delicious food-filled. Our story goes a little like this: girl and boy meet, girl has crush interest, boy has girlfriend, girl and boy become friends, girl gets heart broken, girl and boy become better friends, boy's girlfriend comes home from her exchange, boy breaks up with girlfriend, girl and boy get together, girl goes to college, girl and boy do long distance, and boy goes to same college as girl. It's been a whirl wind two years and I feel so happy to get to go to college with the person I love hanging out with the most. I still remember vividly what it was like to be in love with a boy who was in love with someone else- and what it felt like when I told myself falling for him was just a surface level crush I'd get over and be able to move on with once his girlfriend returned and i went to school. I was so wrong. I never ever in a million years thought I had a chance with this boy who was so different than me and I can't believe we've gotten this far to go to college together and spend every day together after spending a full year apart. It's been really, really fun and I can say with certainty that neither of has ever been happier together than we are right now.


C-How cute this that dress? I want!


  1. Aww, you're the sweetest! Thank you so much for letting me fill in for you! <3

  2. aw two of my favorites! :) this is a lovely guest post! i love getting to read about maggie's relationship, and her dress is so pretty.


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