Week in Photos

If you follow me on Instagram, you will think that all I've done is go swimming and eat froyo this week. I guess that's fairly true...

girl next door fashion outfit
1. Monday lunch
I absolutely love to make soup- this is lentil and carrot, one of my favourites
2. Sunny walk home
Now the weather is better, I love my morning walk home from swimming. 
3. Manchester in the sun
I don't give Manchester enough credit for the beautiful city it is. It looked amazing in the sun.

girl next door fashion outfit
4. Gospel Choir
There was a gospel choir in Piccadilly station on Tuesday promoting Belvita biscuits. Horrible biscuits, awesome choir.
5. New Red Lippie
I love matte lipsticks and this Revlon one was a little cheaper than Mac Ruby Woo.
6. New Lipsy dress
This dress is going to be perfect for the summer.

girl next door fashion outfit
7. Revlon Matte Lipstick collection
I wish they came in even more colours!
8. Revlon Smokey Pink
The perfect pretty pink.
9. Pale bare legs
I got some stick on Twitter for the fact that I'm pale and I chose not to wear tights. I'm pale, so what? I'm English of Irish descent. Being pale is part of who I am. I'm okay with it. I spent far too much time hiding behind fake tan and skin colours tights but I just don't care anymore.

girl next door fashion outfit
10. My first "mullet hem"
I like being able to bend down!
11. Wednesday lunch
Quorn fajita wrap with homemade guacamole and cheese. It tastes better than it looks!
12. Bouncy castle!
There was a bouncy castle outside the gym!

girl next door fashion outfit
13. Fruity Cider
14-15. New Mark Hill Wand
My friend Sarah has this wand and her hair looked amazing last weekend so I bought one of ebay. And my first attempt.

girl next door fashion outfit
16. Wag-esque
Big sunnies, big curls, big necklace.
17. Froyo Part I
Froyo with raspberries and white chocolate pieces
18. Mint on mint
I was looking for some new shorts for New Jersey and I found these ones in H&M. Perfect for summer!

girl next door fashion outfit
19. Fresh pineapple and raspberries
I could eat fresh pineapple every day. I was so happy when my Dad cut one up for me yesterday!
20. Froyo Part II
Steph came round today and we walked to the village for some froyo. Mine was raspberry, strawberry and peanut butter cuts, Steph had mango, pomegranate and honeycomb.
21. Walk in the park
After our froyo Steph and I walked back from the village and she took photos of me in the park. More to come!


  1. Pale girls unite! I don't tan, just go pink then pale again. Fake tan doesn't suit me either; I've got loads of freckles  and fake tan makes them look a bit green tinged for some reason!


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