Follow Up

Wow, just wow. Thank you so much for your amazing, supportive comments on my last post. Every single comment was completely inspiring and reading them when I got home nearly brought me to tears.
I thought I would write a quick post both to thank you all, and to tell you that things have been better today.
After walking around for 20 minutes, I finally found my training area and I have spent all today doing my training. I am so proud that I managed to pass the brick retrieval test. The brick was at the bottom of a 3m pool, and I'd only practiced in a 2m pool, so when I first got down there I was like "OH DEAR GOD THIS IS DEEP." But I did it, and I am so, so proud of myself. I also learnt to do rescues and CPR today- busy day! I was so nervous about being a lifeguard and convinced I wouldn't pass the tests, and even though I have real tests to pass tomorrow, I feel so much more confident in my abilities.
I got along really well with all the other people in my training group, including a guy and a girl who live with me. I went out for lunch with a few of the group for pizza and Diet Coke on the boardwalk and it was really really nice. I explained to them how I was feeling alone and they assured me I would make lots of friends and that it would be a great summer. Later on I learned that there are lots of activities that the park put on for the staff, so I'm going to get involved in every single one! Bring on weekly volleyball on the beach!
After work, I had a walk and found a CVS and the grocery store and bought supplies for the next few days. The supermarket is a little pricey, but it's convenient enough and had everything I could need. I feel much more organised now and feel good that I know I will be able to cook for myself and eat the foods that I like to eat, and not just pizza. I now have food in for dinner tonight, breakfast tomorrow and to take a packed lunch to training tomorrow, so I can sit with everyone at lunch and get to know people. The store looked just like one I used to go to in MN so that felt reassuring, and I knew where everything was. I also bought some of my favourite things I used to eat in MN and lots of teabags! Girl needs her tea!
I've just gotten home and had a brief chat with my housemates and have vowed to speak more slowly (I speak very quickly!) and be more aware of what I'm saying to ensure it is as clear as possible, as well as listening carefully to what they have to say. I've just washed the chlorine out of my hair and gotten into my pajamas (it's 6.30pm...) and I'm going to make dinner and have an early night tonight so I'm rested for tomorrow and the rest of the week. As a few of you said, jet lag is definitely a major factor in why I've been feeling so down! As much as I want to socialise and make friends, I have the next 3 months to do that, so tonight it's gonna be a magazine and TV on my laptop!
I actually had a scheduled post to go up today but I got my timings all wrong, so I'm going to redo the post and get it up tomorrow instead.
Again, thank you so much for being so supportive. You guys make this so worthwhile. I've been worried about keeping my blog updated while I'm away but I know I have to keep it going for you guys. I'm yet to scout out a spot for photos yet though! There never seems to be any time of day that it's not crazy busy here!
I hope you're having a lovely weekend, and I hope I'm feeling even better tomorrow!


  1. I was just getting ready to comment on your other post when I saw this one - I am so happy today was a better day!!  I hope that things continue to get better each day and that this is the best summer ever for you!  Welcome back to the States!

  2. I'm glad things are getting better! Once you get some rest things should improve even more. Jet lag will really mess you up. 

  3. See? I knew it would get better! And this is only the beginning - I am sure yiu will have the time of your life :-)

  4. Right here goes my essay..
    So I completely know where you're coming from Charlotte. I spent four years in the French Alps. My first season I was 18 and hadn't got a clue about life.. I remember standing at the coach station crying my eyes out with no idea what to do. Within an hour I was loving being away, however then I started to miss it. Anywayz, I stuck the 5 months out (best thing I ever did) and decided to do another. Each time that I went to leave, I always cried and wondered if I would make the right decision. I called my parents saying I wanted to go home, but they told me to man up and reminded me why I was there. And I did.
    It's so easy to miss home, because it's such a change. You get so settled into your little life back in the UK but yet we always want more. Hence why we go away. And then we miss it. I'm not going to lie, yes it's hard and yes it doesn't always get easier to begin with.. but you have to tell yourself 'why you're there?!'.. You did it before, and so something brought you back there. And that's what you need to find. And it's OK to sit there crying, and stuff.
    But remember, as much as everyone else knows each other, they were too in the same boat as you. And when it gets closer to your time coming back, you'll be not wanting to leave. And then you'll tell yourself 'man i was silly for getting so worked up'.. So much so, that you'll crave another time away. And it'll happen again! Us human's are weird! But that's how we work.
    And I completely understand how it feels for you doll. Honestly, if you're feeling sad, want a little kick up the bum or even someone to rant too.. feel free to email me! I'd like to hope I can help with 4 years of being away :) xxxx

  5. Charlotte I've just read both posts and I'm so happy for you that things are starting to get a bit better and you're feeling more positive about your trip. I can imagine how everything will be overwhelming for a little while but I'm willing to bet my hard earned pounds (ok I sit by a phone, not so much hard earned...!) that in a week or so you'll be having an amazing time. 
    I definitely think tiredness and jetlag is a major factor in how you're feeling, and I know it's easy for me to sit here and say "everything will be fineee" when I'm sat by my laptop with a brew but I really am sure it will get better for you! And I completely admire you for having the guts to go to another country and embrace a new adventure.

    Looking forward to reading more posts, as I'm now living vicariously through you.


  6. Good luck with your training and I'm sure you'll settle in soon x

  7. Awww, I'm sure you'll have an amazing time. It's only natural that you'll have a case of the jitters to start with but it sounds like your living with some lovely people. Just enjoy yourself, it's an amazing opportunity for you :D xx

  8. I'm so glad to hear you're having a better time now!

    Congratulations on your brick test. There is no way I could have done that!


  9. I hope you're okay my lovely! I'm sorry I wasn't here for support when you were down before (was at a disaster of a 21st...), but it sounds like things are looking up now =) If you ever need to email and rant or anything, feel free, I'm happy to listen =) I can't believe you're in America now though, crazy!! Just try to enjoy it, in a few days I'm sure you'll be wondering why you were so down at first!! 
    Miss youuu, when you're back we're arranging that shopping trip =D

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