Working as a Waitress in a Cocktail Bar

girl next door fashion outfit
girl next door fashion outfit girl next door fashion outfit
When this blouse arrived, I felt like declaring "I have found it. The perfect white shirt. Cute peter pan collar, pretty black bow, bodice detail and long sleeves. Perfect, I thought, it will go with everything. Except it didn't. Remember a few months ago when I wore a white peter pan collar blouse with literally everything? Yeah, well apparently I exhausted all my options. And I also thought this blouse made me look a little bit like I should be a hostess at Olive Garden. I needed a way to make it look edgy, and not so job interview. After throwing everything out of my wardrobe and stamping me feet a few times (I am, of course, an only child) I decided to go the whole hog with job interview chic by pairing it with this vintage leopard skirt I bought in Chicago and my trusty black ankle boots. I still look like a waitress, but I like to think I look like I work somewhere cool and hip where they let their employees wear leopard print.
girl next door fashion outfit
girl next door fashion outfit
white blouse- c/o Oasap
leopard pencil skirt- vintage
ankle boots- c/o Clothing at Tesco
girl next door fashion outfit
Let's just take a moment to look at my hair. This took three appliances (hairdrier, curler, straighteners) to achieve and took around an hour and a half (I'm jobless, I have time to waste doing my hair. Or as I like to consider it, investing in my hair future), but it's exactly what I've been trying to get right for months. Loose, curled ends without looking too bridesmaid-y. Oh and it's also a lot darker. I had it coloured yesterday and Becky and I decided to go a little darker to combat the potential lighting due to the New Jersey sun sucking the colour from my hair. If I remember correctly, my last good hair day was on 17th April. I was due.
girl next door fashion outfit
I might not be about much this weekend. Tomorrow I'm going for tea and cakes with my Mum and trying to get last minutes sandals/tank tops/life essentials etc. for New Jersey. Then two of my best friends, Steph and Emily are coming up and I'm cooking dinner for them, and then on Sunday, two more of my best friends, Ellen and Becca are coming up too! We're going to eat fajitas and get froyo (always!) and have a huge catch up before I go away. I'm starting to get super sad about leaving all my friends. I speak to Steph every single day and it's going to be so weird not being able to speak to her as much. I know I've lived abroad before and nothing changed while I was away, even though last time they were all together without me, but I just feel sad that I won't see them for 4 months!
Oh and if I do take any photos this weekend, I will be wearing this dress. The whole weekend. I don't plan on taking it off.
Have a lovely bank holiday weekend those of you in the UK! I hope the weather holds out!

Charlotte x


  1. Haha, definitely the coolest looking waitress I've seen. I love this outfit!
    I'd totally wear it out. Love the leopard print skirt paired with the blouse. Oh and of course, those boots!

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  2. ah you look beaut! NJ, so so jealous! when I goto NY next summer I plan on renting a car and driving to NJ to explore. Where in NJ are you staying? if you bump into Meryl Streep, tell her I love her :-) haha x

  3. This is a great look!! I am in love with the skirt, and the crisp white shirt looks lovely with it, buisness like but with edge. Your hair looks SO lovely

  4. I like it! That leopard print skirt reminds me of one I have but I hardly ever wear. I really really like it with the classic white blouse. The black neck tie is fantastic too. So cute!


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