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How do you guys feel about this being a weekly feature? I don't like to do posts without pictures but I  don't have 3G on my phone while I'm abroad so the only instagram pics I can post up are when I'm at home with wifi. It's difficult to post outfit posts when I work 5 days a week but I want to try new features so I can post as much as possible. I'd like to make this a weekly feature on a Sunday (obviously a little late this week!) so I can tell you guys what I've been up to! Let me know what you think!

- worked 9 days in a row (and survived!)
- experienced once of the scariest storms of my life
- got sent home from work on Friday as a result of said storm
- had a late-night trip to Target and an even later dinner in Applebees

- developed what I'm calling "lifeguard's tan"- brown thighs and feet, white calves
- saw my first rescues (but haven't had my own yet!)
- was the second person to work the new slide
- made friends with the ladies in the bank after my frequent visits
- had my first laundromat experience
- had two conversations about cameras
- had a giant bag of Sour Patch Kids won for me
- and then another bag
- perfected my veggie chilli recipe
- was sent a lovely picture book about a panda from my best friend Ellen
- ordered some new Converse
- gained three new housemates
- was taken out to the fair on the pier again and had lots of fun
- had my first Dippin' Dots Sundae
-crossed my fingers for the future
- realised that it's when I least expect it that I really miss my Grandparents
- ate cake for breakfast

- had an emotional breakdown deciding between two dresses (if you follow me on twitter you'll know all about this!)
- experienced my second scary storm
- got a little too much sun
- discovered Ben and Jerry's frozen greek yoghurt
- sent lots of love to my friends living in Duluth, where I used to live, where there has been serious flooding
- got a little homesick

- started to get an actual tan! (I always thought I didn't tan)
- discovered some great new songs from the playlist at work
- had one embarrassing cry at work
- really missed blogging
- had an unexpected but lovely Skype chat with my friend Eve
- watched Harry Potter with my housemates
- went on a really nice hour-and-a-half-long walk along the pier, just me and my headphones (thinking about doing it every day after work)
- while walking had this experience (this was for real the song I was listening to)

This week hasn't been quite as exciting as I've been working a lot, but I've still had a lot of fun. I hope you guys like this as a weekly feature- I know I do!
Let me know what you think anyway!
Now off to Target again!

Charlotte x


  1. I love this feature, will get to know what you've been getting upto in NJ. As you know I want to do this next year but I suddenly though of something today.... graduation ha... did you miss your graduation ceremony to go? xx

  2. That was one of my main worries, but I have deferred my graduation so I'll be graduating in December instead. I'm a bit sad, but because I had a year abroad my friends all graduated last year anyway so I'm not missing out on graduating with my friends.
    If you want any info on my program that I did drop me an email! x

  3. I. Love. These. Posts. The only thing I don't love about them is that it means you're in America and therefore won't be in brum next week and therefore i cant seee you!
    That dippin' dots sundae looks like the mother of all sundays, the sours look like something I need to try, the tan is also something I feel I need. Gosh can I just be you for a day?
    I feel a bit like I'm swooning now : / looking forward to your next update!


  4. aw I didn't know you could defer graduation. I kinda want to graduate with my friends but want to do this too, now I am stuck. Unless the program allows me to go after graduation... thank you, I may just do xx

  5. Looks like you are having a great time, Good luck with the lifeguard tan!

    I used to work as a lifeguard before I started Uni and I found it really had to concentrate on looking for hazards and spent too much time being distracted by other stuff going on

  6. Why are your calves white? What are you wearing there?


  7. It's from sitting down in the sun lifeguarding! My thighs and feet are in the sun but my calves don't get any! I need to stretch them out when I'm lifeguarding!

    Charlotte x

  8. I had a cry-at-work day today. It happens. Your life guarding job seems lots of fun though! I was in Duluth during the flood, moving into my rental for next year, and it flooded up to the first floor! It was horrifying. Luckily I found a new and better place.

  9. I like the idea of this as a feature. I read a lot of mostly fashion-orientated blogs and I like yours because you have a lot of lifestyle too, as well as the fashion. I hope everything is going ok for you now in America x


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