More than just a number

I'm Charlotte Crowley and I did not get a First Class Honours degree.
Instead, I wrote a blog. I wrote a blog that has 544 followers. I wrote a blog that has thousands of views a month. I wrote a blog that needs hours of work every day. I wrote a blog that has given me more possibilities and opportunities than I could ever imagine. A blog that has intrigued employers far more than my university choice and degree.
I danced. I danced five times a week in my second and final years. I loved every minute of dancing. I performed in three shows throughout my degree. I worked hard. I pushed harder every class. 
I wrote. I wrote articles for websites on the other side of the world, I wrote for newspapers, blogs, magazines.  I became a published columnist in a magazine. 
I worked. I worked at two jobs during my time at university. I spent my holidays at a supermarket and my weekends at a bar. I sacrificed sleep. I sacrificed nights out with my friends. I developed invaluable skills.
I focused on my future. I did weeks of work experience. I did unpaid internships. I did the work that nobody else wanted to do. And I enjoyed every minute of it.
I made friends. I made the friends who will be there for life.
I had relationships. And I had breakups. I picked myself up again.
I had struggles. I lost both of my beloved grandparents within 4 months of each other during my final year of my degree. I had to watch the people I loved disappear. I watched my Grandma pass away. I lost the future I wanted to share with them.
I took risks. I moved to America. Twice. I moved away from my friends, my life, my life. Twice.
I forced myself to try new things, to have new experiences. To do things that scared me.
I worked as hard as I could. I put everything I could into everything I did. I did the best I could possibly do.
I'm Charlotte Crowley, and I got a 2.1 in my degree. 
I've wondered if those hours of work, those early mornings and late nights, all the tears and the stress and the exhaustion were worth it. I was disappointed when I got my results. 68. Two marks from the First class honours degree I wanted.
But look at everything else I achieved in my four years at University.
I am more than just a number.


  1. Congratulations! 2.1 is still a tremendous achievement. You're right! Look at everything else you've done! I'm so very happy for you and I wish you the best of luck in your career. I'm sure employers will be impressed by the very fact that you manage to have such a successful blog and obtain a 2:1 degree at the same time!! I know I would! Congratulations again! 


  2. Is that what they call lower class honours? I know they have two classes of honours and then a non honours right? I think... Congrats!

  3. It goes First Class Honours, Upper Second Honours, Lower Second Hours, and then third class honours. I got an Upper second honours.

  4. Congratulations Charlotte - you really shouldn't have such a negative view on your result though. Look at it this way - most people would have given up, given in, and have nothing to show for it. The fact that you were dedicated to your work throughout everything else is far more important to any employer than the result you achieved. Enjoy New Jersey :) x

  5. I would be so proud if I were you, Congrats. This post is very inspiring, I hope to achieve similar in my degree! Hope you are having fun in the states xx

  6. A two one is an excellent grade, and all the skills and experience you've gained set you apart from others. Congratulations! Xo

  7. Totally googled to find this out, haha. You did an amazing job, Charlotte, and you should be proud!! You've accomplished a lot in four years and, honestly, there is more to success than just doing well in school, you know. 

  8. This is an amazing achievement, and that fact you blogged and worked throughout your degree is testament to your dedication. Congratulations xo

  9. this post is amazing. really inspiring and shows that everything else the you do in life has just as much of an impact that the one thing you're concentrating on achieving. i found this uplifting as i too am trying to work out things i want to do in life and ive been a graduate for two years. keep going and enjoy the moments that come your way. xxxxxx

  10. Charlotte a 2.1 is something to be proud of it really is. Not everyone can boast that they have a 2.1 degree. I got a 2.1 and when I complained to my cousin - he's very high up in an engineering firm - he said he actually bypasses cvs with a 1st as he said he finds 2.1 candidates have much more personality and people skills. He says the majority of 1st candidates he interviews haven't got this because they spent all their time studying and not making the most of univeristy life.
    You should be very proud of yourself Charlotte

  11. Ooh Charlotte, of course you are more than just that number! You passed four years of university while still having a life haha ;) I think it's more important to enjoy your student life (as they say it's the best time of your life), study enough to get good results (like you did!) but still doing other stuff too, like blogging and having hobbies and such. And maybe you could've achieved a first class degree, but then we wouldn't know because you wouldn't have any time to write this lovely blog. So now, go celebrate and be proud of yourself! xx

  12. Good on you lovely, a degree isn't the world, it's the experiences in life that make you the person you are and you have achieved by the sounds of it, more than most at your age and those experiences will stand you in such a fantastic position!

    Eda ♥

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  13. A degree is completely useless to employment opportunities no matter what the grade, experience, experience, experience is what everyone wants these days. We're a generation of people pushed into university promised that it will get us a brilliant graduate job when we leave, when most of us should really of been looking into alternative options like actually working the way up from the bottom. 

    A 2:1 is still an excellent grade, but you should definitely consider the entire university experience and value the time you got to develop yourself as a person as well as expand your mind and knowledge. Education for educations sake! It's not all about getting a job.

  14. this is beautiful, and true. I always have to keep reminding myself of how awesome I am too, because I'm always doubting my accomplishments.


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