Guest Post: Amber of Modest June

Meet Amber of Modest June! Today she'll be telling us about some of her favourite films! As a girl whose favourite films are The Godfather and Fight Club I think she can show me a thing or two about classic movies! I hope you enjoy her post! 

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 Hello friends! With summer comes the oportunity to catch up on reading and movies (hopefully) and while my plate's a bit full with summer courses, I've made it my goal to watch at least one film each week. While my friend Kate has a wonderful classic film blog that I've been working my way through, I thought it might be fun to compose a list of some of my favorite films in the hopes of learning yours and exchanging ideas! Without further ado.. 

 1. Any Wednesday-- This film on adultery is really something, and while I'm not usually a fan of these sort of stories, once can't help but get rapped up in the craziness of the film. It actually reminds me of Three's Company just for the action of it, the confusion, and the physical humor. Plus, 'drunk Jane' in the film is pretty hilarious. 

 2. Sundays in New York-- another Jane Fonda film (sensing a pattern?).  Jane Fonda is amazing in this. Plus, this older film has so much sexual innuendo in it, something that truly surprised me considering the period it's from. I couldn't believe that they were getting away with it considering the censorship of the time. 

3. Two for the Road-- This isn't my favorite Audrey Hepburn film, but it'd definitely in my top. THIS film is the original (500) Days of Summer, chronicling the moments of a relationship out of order. It's unlike many of Audrey's other films, but the gritty story is one that will keep you hooked. Fair warning-- there's a very annoying littler girl in this film. Ah!

4. River of No Return-- I'm not usually a fan of westerns, but this story has Marilyn Monroe as a saloon singer, features adventure, music, and life/death battles. As an added bonus, Marilyn uses her real speaking voice, something that's pretty refreshing. 

5. Funny Face-- Fred Astaire dancing with Audrey Hepburn? Yes please. I'd love to hear your favorite films as well! 

Love, Amber


  1. Breakfast at Tiffany's and Dirty Dancing got to be on there somewhere

  2. I'm just now delving into classic films,but my favorites so far are Two for The Seesaw,  Singin' in the Rain & The Wizard of Oz.


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