Guest Post: Laura of Only Half Dressed

My final guest post of the week is from the lovely Laura of Only Half Dressed who is going to show us some of her nail art. Laura and I have been friends a long, long time and her blog is fab, so you should definitely go check it out!

When Charlotte asked me to guest post I wasn't sure what to post about and then I remember that Charlotte has been really getting into painting her nails recently. I was also one an avid nail biter, but as soon as I left school I stopped, apparently I only bite my nails when I'm bored! So since I've become a post-graduate student I don't have time to be bored but I do have time to dabble in some nail art and thought I would share some of my recent designs with you all.

These are some of my favourite designs mostly because they are so quick to achieve. I generally paint my nails at the same time as planning lessons, writing assignments or making resources so they have to be really quick and easy. Sometimes it really is easier to throw on a crackle/shatter polish though!


  1. Those nails are so adorable! I really wish I was able to do my nails like that.


  2. Wow, great nail art! I especially love the first picture!

    Eilidh xo

  3. Laura definitely always does wonderful nails.. I think I need to hire her to come sort mine out!!
    Hope you're OK too miss Charlotte, and life over the pond is good x


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