This week I have...

I meant to post this yesterday but things have been a little crazy. Yesterday I finished work to find my purse (or wallet as you guys call it!) wasn't in my bag. I've spent the last two days turning my room upside down, calling my banks, excessively checking my online banking, calling various police stations and crying. I don't know if it's just lost or if it's been stolen but it's been a really sucky few days trying to sort it all out. I'm crossing my fingers it shows up. Anywhere, here's what I've done this week, interspersed with photos I took on Friday at the pier.

girl next door fashion outfit
- travelled 3888 miles- took a quick trip to NYC
- taken 5 modes of transport
- eaten pizza four times
- hung out with different people every single night
- ridden the craziest ride at the pier
girl next door fashion outfit
- had ice cream twice
- been grocery shopping 3 times
- been to target
- almost bought dinosaur bed sheets
girl next door fashion outfit
- looked at the UD Naked Palette twice
- got my first paycheck
- qualified as a deep water certified lifeguard
- shotted tequila with my housemates
girl next door fashion outfit
- been out for dinner twice
- seen two movies at the cinema (Madagascar 3 and Rock of Ages)
- been to the mall twice
- almost bought an awesome cartoon picture of the 50 states (and will definitely buy it before I leave)
girl next door fashion outfit
- taken my first outfit shots
- been one of the first people to ride the new slide at the waterpark where I work
- discovered the Tide pen
- watched far too much How I Met Your Mother
girl next door fashion outfit
- rediscovered my favourite tuna salad
- and my love of pickles
- and hungry girl
- barely cooked
- helped teach children how to swim
- was part of a world record attempt (successfully!)
girl next door fashion outfit
- appeared on TV (I'm at 1.13)
- used the phrase "when I was your age"
- stayed up so late it was time to get up at home
girl next door fashion outfit
- eaten ice cream 3 times
- sunburnt my feet
- walked along the pier
- drank what seemed to be the biggest iced coffee in the world
- had my first full days at work
girl next door fashion outfit
- went to my first baseball game
- tried my first Funnel Cake
- engaged in political debategirl next door fashion outfit
- discovered self-serve froyo (dangerous!)
- cooked my first proper meal in my apartment
- scored 5 outstandings in my audits
- met some really, really awesome people
girl next door fashion outfit
- realised that there are going to be ups and downs, but this is gonna be a great summer


  1. This all looks amazing!! I wish you weren't so far :( I'd love to adventure and show you the good ol' USA ;)

  2. Hope your purse turns up! At least everything else is going well! Xo

  3. i hope you find your purse hun! a friend of mine lost hers a few weeks ago and cancelled all her cards etc then it turned up in a really random spot. xo

  4. Great post! I'm sure your wallet will turn up, my boyfriend just lost his the other day and it appeared wedged between his bed and the bed frame. Just make sure to look in all of the little nooks and crannies! 

  5. This is such a nice post to read! Love all of your photos and that ride looks IMMENSE. And you so should have bought those dinosaur bedsheets.

    Glad to hear you're meeting new people and starting to enjoy yourself : ) Looking forward to more posts like this


  6. I am so glad you're finally settling in Charlotte! Sounds like it's going to be a bloody awesome summer!

  7. almost bought dinosaur bed sheets?!  I hope you go back to get them :)

    PS Hope you find your wallet soon. 

  8. omg your life sounds amazing. hopefully we get to meet in nyc!!



    Steffys Pros and Cons

  9. I want one of those piggies!

    Sounds like you are having a great time now. I'm so pleased for you!



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