Bend and Snap

Don't tell, but I actually wore this outfit on Monday. However, on Monday I was a bit (a lot) of a hot mess and spent most of the day crying. Yeah, the last few days haven't been so easy with suddenly having Erick back in my life and having to deal with all the emotions that come with that. But last night we talked for 3 hours (don't try to call someone while they're on a train- we were disconnected SIXTY TWO TIMES), messaged this morning, and now I'm really feeling okay about everything. Sure, it all still sucks and I miss him and I miss us, but I have my best friend back. I also bought a new cook book today (this one) which has made me almost giddy with excitement, made an amazing quorn curry from it and had the MOST fun at musical theatre (we danced to Bend and Snap from the Legally Blonde Musical). How's that for a happy Charlottey, eh?

I noticed yesterday that my last 3 outfits had been entirely black and white, so I was glad to inject some colour today. I wasn't sure if this outfit was going to work but I really, really love it. I am currently obsessed with knitwear, tights and ankle boots. These are my new brown boots- not dissimilar to my black ones I showed you yesterday. I love me some winter florals and I'm excited to try something similar with my other dresses- layered over a top, with a cardigan, tights and boots. You wanna hear something funny though? When I first bought this cardigan, I thought it was brown. It's actually a kinda brick red. Don't ask me why I thought it was brown. I am yet to find the perfect brown cardigan though. It's out there, somewhere.

dress- New Look (circa 2008- I wore this to my job interview at the place I've worked at for 3 years!)
cardigan- H&M
boots- New Look
long sleeved maroon top- New Look

Well, I'm glad to be back and happy. My life has kinda been crazy recently and I feel like I'm finally getting back to normality. I'm also kinda trying to sort out my future too, or at least my Summer. I'm still looking at applying for jobs in Minneapolis and crossing my fingers and toes for the best, but I'm going to a meeting next week about working at a Summer camp in America! I don't even know if I'll get onto it yet, and there are a few hurdles to deal with first (like the fact that in starts in June and I don't know if I'd be able to come home for my graduation ://) but there are lots of other programmes like this so I'm hoping to get on one. It would be 9-12 weeks working back in the States with kids, and the one I'm looking at is teaching children. You can even teach media- I could teach blogging!! I don't have a crazy amount of skills I could teach but I can dance and I can cook so we'll have to see!! I don't wanna get too excited about it in case it doesn't work out, but right now this feels like the right thing to do. I'd also get 4 weeks to travel, so I could visit my friends in Minnesota and go see Erick in Maryland (did I mention he's moving to Maryland?! He got into Americorp and I'm really excited for him!) and I'm gonna start contacting companies now in MN so by that time I might be able to go in and see people about jobs and Visas. Hey, who knows? None of us know what is going to happen, good or bad. I guess that's life.

And on that note, I am done. Have a wonderful evening, guys!

Charlotte x

oh and Ps. I reached 350 followers!! Yay!! I have a giveaway coming up soon. Also, I'm aiming for 400 by New Year, 500 before my Birthday. Go tell all your friends!!


  1. Ok, this is definitely a favourite outfit of mine. I love the dress.
    Glad you are feeling a bit better about everything! XX

  2. Love the colors in this outfit. Also I knew exactly what 'bend and snap' meant the minute that I read it! I've never seen the musical though I'll have to look it up.

  3. I love your collection of cardigans! You seem to have so many in such beautiful colors :)

  4. This outfit is gorgeous :)

    Coincidentally, I just saw 'Legally Blonde' at the theatre this very weekend, so I'm glad I actually know what you're talking about!

    I've been looking for the perfect brown cardigan for approx. forever now. If you're successful in your hunt, please do share with us..!


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