Black and Yellow

I got a bit sad today about autumn almost being over and winter moving in. It seems that us bloggers really, really love the fall. It's definitely my favourite time of year when it comes to fashion. So I decided to write a list of all the things I wanted to wear before winter moves in. I'm notoriously bad for getting a bit ahead of myself with seasons- with fashion working 2 seasons ahead I always find myself wishing it was autumn in the middle of Spring, so I decided to really embrace the last few weeks of autumn. My list was mainly blazers, ballet flats and ankle socks. This blazer in particular. Those of you who have been reading for a few months will know this was a massive post-break-up splurge. £70 of pure mustard-y goodness. I adore it but I sometimes have to force myself to wear it because it's SO bright!!

I got a bit cold taking these photos and knew I had to add another layer. I had tried a couple of open cardigans under the blazer but they didn't work, but the shirt alone just wasn't enough to keep me warm. When I came in, I added my striped jumper and absolutely loved the look and considered going back outside to take more photos!!

I did manage to get one snap, but I definitely want to photograph this outfit again with the striped jumper. It was such a great contrast with the check shirt, which just peeped out over the collar. I might try it with my  mustard skirt or mustard jeans and by-pass the blazer for when I need a coat.

How amazing is this playing card ring from Diamond Petal? I hardly ever wear rings but I've been wearing it all day and it's just so adorable!! Apologies for my broken, unpainted nails. I've had a super-crazy week and I've not even had time to paint my nails!! Uni life is super stressful at the moment. I'm trying to write four essays at once and it's kinda driving me crazy. I had a 7-hour library sesh today and I have 3 books to read over this weekend, as well as all my essay work. I was meant to be going out tonight but I've decided I can't really justify it. I just need an early night with my book- I have two presentations the week after next so I need to get the books read. I'm determined to keep on top of everything though!!

check shirt- Marks and Spencers
leather shorts- c/o Very
mustard blazer- Zara
ring- c/o Diamond Petal
boots- New Look
ankle socks- Topshop
necklace- New Look

Oh and finally, I'll tell you about my good deed of the day. Today, after 7 hours in the library, I walked home and it was starting to rain, but I needed to grab milk and butter and a few other things. I was planning on going to Aldi but as it started to drizzle, I thought oh bugger it, I'll pay the extra few quid and go to the Tesco Express across from my house. Then, as I got to the part of my walk where I had to decide, there was a man selling The Big Issue. So I gave him my £2, the extra money I would have spent by going to Tesco, and went to Aldi instead. Just a small gesture, but it made me feel good!!

Have a wonderful evening. I'm going to make a cup of tea and curl up with my book- which would be more of a lovely image if the book wasn't for school!! Especially as the book is set in Minnesota and the main character is called Erik! Way to make me homesick, American Studies Department!!

Charlotte x


  1. You wear leather shorts so well! I really want to get a pair, but I'm always afraid I can't pull them off as well as you do.

  2. That is a nice good deed :) It can totally change your mood, can't it?!
    You're right about autumn! I love it too. I love a bit of layering, but not winter levels of layering! Your ring is AMAZING! xx

  3. This outfit is so wonderful I am obsessed with mustard too, fall is such a great season for fashion definitely. It snowed today so I'm a bit sad, but it's pretty. I love the checkered top with the leather shorts, such a great look


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