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Charlotte Crowley's guide to looking really inappropriate on a cold November day-
1. Instead of wearing anything warm, wear a trench coat and skin coloured tights
2. Also, ensure that said-trench coat is longer than the rest of your clothes so you look naked
3. Wear incredibly high shoes that are not only impossible to walk in, but also make you bleed
4. Wear a very short skirt, and to make it even better, ensure that it rides right up your thighs when you sit down
5. Carry lots of lots of heavy bags which make you unbalanced and ensure maximum chances of breaking your ankle when wobbling over cobblestones.

Despite the above, I really did love this outfit today. I just wish I could have been more sophisticated and cool and less bag-lady and wobbly in it. This outfit is inspired by one of my favourite bloggers, Steffy of Steffy's Pros and Cons. She put this gorgeous outfit up last week and I had to imitate it...

Okay, I know the outfits aren't that similar. This skirt is actually a very pale pink, but it looks white in these photos. I was tempted to buy all of this outfit (the blouse and skirt are for sale in Steffy's shop), until I remembered this gorgeous pink blouse. Context: I wore this blouse for my 18th Birthday. I'm 22 in March. It's old. Steffy looks fab in bare legs and pastel colours, which is great in Miami, but less so in Birmingham. I did fall in love with her boots though, and spent all last week virtually spending money I don't have on boots. Then I remembered my amazing beige clogs. I simply changed the floral ribbon laces in them and used the beige ones from my oxfords and voila! Beige lace-up heels!!

blouse (without ribbon)- Topshop
skirt- New Look
clogs- Miss Selfridge
trench coat- Zara

Tomorrow is gonna be a weird day. It's Erick birthday which is nice but also makes me feel a bit sad and weird. But I guess less sad and weird than if I hadn't seen him. At least now I can send him a nice birthday message and have a chat. It's also the day of my meeting about being a Camp Counselor in the States next Summer. There are lots of programmes I want to sign up to, but I'm worried because I've really gotten it into my head that this is what I'm going to do next summer, and I might get to the meeting and think, hmm maybe this isn't my thing, or I might not get in. And also, as I mentioned a few days ago, I'd be away for my graduation. I really, really don't want to miss my graduation, but I'm gonna just go to the meeting, apply and cross that bridge when I come to it. Right now, it's exactly what I want to do- a Summer back in the States, working and getting a chance to visit my friends too. I have zero prospects for after uni as getting a visa is not easy, so it would be something good to do.

Anyway, I'll be back on Wednesday. I never get a chance to blog on Tuesdays cause I have 9am class and I stay on campus all day and get home when it's dark, but it's also the night I usually cook. Tasty Tuesdays anyone?

Have a fab day,

Charlotte x


  1. you look adorable!!! love the polka dots [ of course!! ] and that blouse is so cute!!


  2. I really am loving this polka dot skirt, its sooo adorable!! And it looks wonderful with the pink blouse. I hate when skirts ride up, it's so awkward in class haha

  3. hey i really love your polkadot skirt.. :) irene wibowo

  4. Haha, love the list xD

    Well, at least you looked amazing! I love your outfit, and way to use what you have to re-create it.

  5. bright and bubbly outfit (: like it ^^

    CMPang x

  6. Adorable outfit, I love that skirt and the bow on your top looks cute too! :)

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  7. Great oufit, but too bad it wasn't the most practical for your day. I keep having to be firm with myself and not let myself throw away warmth for fashion. Cute and cold is something I will regret halfway to the office haha.

  8. i absolutely love your blouse and that skirt is wicked cute. All in all an A+ outfit in my book :)

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  9. ps loved your list. the bit about maximizing your chances of breaking your ankle made me laugh out loud.

  10. I like your top better than hers actually and your whole outfit is really cute! I know what you mean about the skirt though. I have one really similar similar that looks great standing up but rides waay to far when you sit down. Wish there was a way round it!

  11. Shame about the impracticality, but at least you looked good! The skirt is so cute (:


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