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I feel like all of my outfits have been inspired by someone else lately. Is that a bad thing? I don't know, I guess all inspiration has to come from somewhere, and hey, people like to hear they inspired you right? Anyway, this is another inspired outfit. Inspired today by one of my biggest inspirations and favourite bloggers, Keiko Lynn.

I was so excited about recreating this outfit when I saw it last night on Keiko's blog, but I don't think it really worked on me. I tried my leather jacket with my outfit but it didn't look right, but looking over the photos I'm not sure if maroon tights and a maroon cardigan is too much maroon. Kinda like I'm wearing a big maroon onesie under my clothes? I dunno, I love the look on Keiko but I don't think I really got this one right. I do love the maroon tights and pink shoes though.

pink blouse- Topshop
floral skirt- Topshop
pink mary janes- Topshop
cardigan- Primark

The only part of my outfit which is not over 3 years old is my cardigan. Well, and my tights. But the blouse, as I mentioned last time I wore it, was part of my 18th Birthday outfit, I bought this skirt in my first year of uni- when I was obsessed with this style of skirt- and the shoes I bought at the tender age of 17. Back when I could afford to dress head-to-toe in Topshop. Remember those days when you had a part-time job and didn't have to pay bills or pay for food? Those were the days.

I had the hardest time photographing my nails today and I have no idea why. I just couldn't get my camera to focus on my hand! This was the best I could do! I'd been looking for the perfect black nail varnish, and after reading a lot of reviews I went for this Essie one, which is absolutely fab. It goes on so so thick, even after one coat. Now for my next mission- the perfect chip-proof topcoat. Any recommendations?

 My week has been kinda boring, but I had to get over my cold yesterday to go and see Frank Turner, who was amazing, as always. Today has been pretty boring, but I did go to an Anxiety Workshop today on campus, which was kinda helpful. It was for people who worry too much- eg. me!- on helping them to manage their anxiety. I don't think it will cure me overnight, but I'm hoping it will be helpful. I am now spending my evening snuggled up in my pajamas watching one of my favourite films- (500) Days of Summer- which my housemates. Perfect Friday night!!

Have a great weekend guys!

Charlotte x


  1. The best top coat EVER is Seche Vite. It's pretty much like a layer of plastic coating over your nail polish. It's shiny, and definitely helps with chipping.

    I love all the maroon, it's a great color on you!


  2. This is seriously SUCH beautiful outfit, Charlotte! You look to die for in all of these vibrant colors and I just want every single piece that you're wearing... Especially that skirt of yours... ugh, it's so beautiful!

    Hope you had a lovely holiday! xx

  3. love it.. :) i love your skirt.. :)

    Irene Wibowo

  4. You look gorgeous!! I think pink tones really suit you! :]]

    Also, isn't that the skirt that's part of the Lovely Ones swap? I think I signed up for it ages ago, because it was so cute, but now it looks even cuter!! :]]]

    xo Michelle

  5. I am really loving the combination of pink and marroon here, not a combination I would have normally thought of but it looks great! That skirt is really pretty, such a great pattern.

  6. Great outfit! I actually like your take better than the original. That skirt's print is great, and I love the maroon and pink together! You look wonderful.

  7. shh. I got tired of Keiko Lynn's outfits last year, isn't that bad? eek! actually I stopped going to her blog because I commented constantly for two years and she never responded or anything and it made me sad, because I've never done that and haven't seen any other bloggers who haven't responded to me at some point. Anyway I LOVE your outfit!!!!


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