Leopard, Plaid and a Broken Microwave

A few weeks ago, the lovely people at Vedette Shapewear to review one of their items. I chose the Evonne bodysuit in black, because I thought it was be a great alternative to a simple black tank top, and perfect for a night out. The Evonne bodysuit has firm control and really sucks you in! I definitely noticed a huge difference. The idea of Vedette Shapewear is that it's shapewear that can be worn as outwear, and I'd never worn shapewear before so this was a really great experience. I figured as it was a plain black bodysuit, I could have a lot of fun with print mixing.  I saw Alicia of Cheetah is the New Black pairing leopard and plaid and I had to try it.

It feels like it won't work, but I think it really does!! I've had this cardigan for so long I don't even remember buying it, and I usually had a good idea about clothing history. I swear if my degree was in Wardrobe History I would nail it.

I love gold sparkly nails!

Today has been a long day. I'm insanely busy at the moment- I have 2 presentations next week, as well as two essays and two dissertations to work on and I'm starting to hit burn out. I just want to last until next Wednesday. I've had such a long and stressful day, and then I got home and our microwave was broken! Nightmare! I tend to freeze all my leftovers, and I also microwave my vegetables so I basically had nothing to eat! I was excited to get home from dancing and a long day to a lovely dinner of veggie chilli and veg, and instead I'm having a fish finger sandwich, yoghurt and chocolate for dinner. But hey, I like fish fingers.

bodysuit- c/o Vedette
cardigan- Primark
skirt- Ragstock (altered from a dress)
boots- New Look

Oh I forgot to mention- this is the skirt that used to be a dress!! Lauren bought this dress last year to be Snookie from Jersey Shore for Halloween, but didn't have space for it in her packing when we left America, so she asked me if I wanted it. I wasn't big on the top part, and I'd tried folding it over as a skirt but it wasn't really working, so I took it to the tailor and had them alter and shorten it and take the top part off, and hey presto, a leopard print skirt!!

 I'm sure I had about a million other things to say but it's been a long, long day so I'm gonna make a cup of tea and go to bed!
Have a lovely day, guys!

Charlotte x


  1. wonderful outfit! i love your skirt!


  2. cute skirt. I would have never guessed it was once a dress. PS glad my computer joke make you laugh :)

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  3. I really like the leopard and plaid, it's fun. And how can red, black and tan not work anyway? Sorry to hear you're so overworked! I hope you have time to relax soon.

  4. Love this outfit! I know what you mean! During the weekends I always make leftovers so I don't have to cook so much during the week, my microwave is super important!

  5. All of these
    looks are super creative and fun! Love it.

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