Week in Photos

This is a double Week in Photos post as I wasn't really feeling it last week. I do also have a LOT of pictures from my work experience and the shoot that I worked on, and I'd love to show you all of those and tell you what it was like to work on a proper fashion shoot!! Anyway, here are a few pictures from my last two weeks..

1. Yummy first-day lunch in London
Food in London is always fab, and I always try to avoid Eat and Pret and the usual places for lunch in favour of   indie cafes. This was a sweet potato falafel salad from Leon, which was unbelievable.
2. Northern and Shell Building
This was where I worked all week on work experience. It was stunning.
3. Cakes and jewellery for a shoot
On Wednesday I helped out on a still-life jewellery shoot, which was all cakes laid out with jewellery. It was so cute and fun.

4. Christmas coat
I fell in love with this coat on work experience when I was sending it back to Next and knew it was my Christmas coat. How adorable is the fur collar?
5. Dressed like an old man
I love this jacket!
6. Malibu and Cranberry

7.  Trip to Wagamama
I took Kayleigh to Wagamama as a "thank you" for letting me stay with her for the week. I had a yummy vegetable katsu curry.
8. Warehouse 35th Anniversary
I had no idea when I went into Warehouse that it was a special night, but I got a cupcake and a glass of wine.
9. High-waisted jeans
Also on my Christmas list. Love them!!

10. Amazing Lebanese Food
Kay and I had literally the most amazing meal ever at the Westfield Mall in Stratford. I had an aubergine tagine and cous cous- heaven.
11. Festive nails!
I am obsessed with glitter at the moment!!
12. Most popular girl in the office
I brought cookies into work on Friday- they did not last long!!

13. Gorgeous shoes
Told you I loved glitter!!
14. Yummy sushi
I was craving sushi on Friday and this was so so yummy.
15. Meeting Erick
This was what I wore to meet Erick on Saturday. I loved this outfit. I also wore cable knit tights and my new brown boots.

16. Ben and Jerry's
I was too nervous to eat my lunch with Erick, but I always have space for ice cream. Erick and I used to get Coldstone a lot when we were dating so it was nice to do it again.
17. Fish, chips and curry sauce
Because there are some things we just do better in England
Okay, I have mentioned before my love of Sour Patch Kids, which I can't get over here! I have loads left at home but I didn't want to open any of them because, well, then they'd be over. But Erick bought me a bag and I finally opened them. A week later and they're still going!! I will be so sad when they're over.

19. Tuna pasta bake
When I'm stressed, I absolute crave carbs. I almost never eat pasta, so it's such a nice thing to have every now and again.
20. Tea and Wispa
Briony bought me a cup of tea and my favourite feeling-rubbish chocolate- Wispa- on Tuesday when I was having a bad day.
21. Edward Monkton Keyring
Briony also bought me a Edward Monkton (love him!) keyring to cheer me up, which says You Are Lovely.

22. Aubergine and chickpea tagine
Inspired by my amazing Lebanese meal last week, I had a go myself. Not quite as good, but not bad.
23. Nails this week
I loved this look- sleek black and one nail of glitter.
24. Treat
I absolutely love buying cook books, so I treated myself to a new one the other day in my library break. I've made a few things from it already and it's great!!

25. Starstruck
Ian Small is teaching me next semester in my Oscar Wilde class, and he is one of the leading Wilde scholars in the country, so it's also really exciting to see his name pop up in my dissertation reading.
26. Festive coffee!!
Lauren and I had Starbucks on Thursday and got in the Christmas mood with red cups, and both a gingerbread and a toffee nut latte!!
27. Quorn and sweet potato curry
This was a recipe from my new cook book and it was so simple and so, so good. I'd love to feature some cooking stuff on hear as food is one of my other big passions. What do you guys think?

28. Giant raspberry!!
I bought a punnet of raspberries for lunch on Fruday and they were all huge!! 
29. Fruit-fest
Lunch on Friday was a punnet of raspberries, a banana and two tangerines. We have a fabulous fruit and veg market on campus and I love being able to buy fresh fruit.
29. The Sorrows of an American
I can't express how much I loved this book. It was so beautiful and I could relate to so much of it. The main character is also from Minnesota and is called Erik, so it had a special place in my heart. I'm presenting on it next week and I am so glad I get to work on such an amazing book.

30-31: Library outfits
I gravitate towards simplicity on the weekends- black, jeans and a neutral palette. I really liked today's outfit (on the right) and might post it up this week.
32: Boys Don't Cry
I watched this film today as my teacher recommended it for my essay. I think it is a fascinating, but harrowing, film. It upsets me that it's based on a true story.

Okay, that was epic and it's time for bed. See you tomorrow!!

Charlotte x


  1. love that coat a lot, and of course all the food

  2. Looks like a great week, why must I always look at these when I'm hungry? I want some tasty curry, mmm. And that coat is GORGEOUS, as soon as my parents are back I'm asking for a new winter coat for christmas.

  3. I love the cupcake with the rings!! And if you want Sour Patch Kids I can hook you up being in the US (and they are a client of the company I work for...)


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