Week in Photos

My week in photos is always quite nice because it reminds me because there has been more going on in my week than simply sitting in the library, although that is what it often feels like. Here's what I've been up to this week...

1. Gilet over blazer
I can't work out if I like this look or not. Opinions?
2. Christmas tree!
There are two Christmas trees at the library now! They make me so happy!!
3. Another red dress outfit
This time with a leather jacket and leopard tights.

4. Curry night out
I absolutely love curry, so this was a proper treat. It was so nice to go out with my friends from work for the night.
5. Lovely new nail polishes
Maybelline silver, Rimmel glitter and my new Essie Licorice
6. Best. Sammich. Ever.
This was literally the best sandwich ever. Roasted vegetables, goat's cheese and balsamic syrup. Amazing.

7. Pretty accent nails
I am obsessed with accent nails. This is my new favourite.
8-9: Frank Turner
It was so awesome to see Frank Turner for the 5th time on Thursday. He was amazing! Such a good night.

10: More accent nails
This time it was the Tate nail polish from Glamour and my new Essie black
11. Pretty lazy-day makeup
I thought I'd make an effort today so I followed one of my favourite tutorials from Keiko Lynn.
12. Side plait
When I was growing my hair, my dream was to finally have it long enough to do a side plait. It was so nice to be able to do it today! The back is pinned and hairsprayed a bit because my layers are still a bit short to come all the way around, but it was perfect Sunday hair.

13-15: Epic Sunday Dinner
My housemate Beth invited some friends over and we had an amazing Sunday dinner. 13 shows cauliflower cheese and amazing mashed potato (she also made roast potatoes! Including separate ones for me that didn't have meat in), 14 shows the veggie spinach and feta pie (the meat-eaters had chicken), and 15 shows yorkshire puddings. I didn't get a picture of the yummy roast vegetables though.
16. My chocolate brownies
My contribution to the meal was a batch of chocolate brownies, which we had warm with ice cream. They were really, really good. The diet starts tomorrow, right?


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