Weekend Remix: Red Zara Dress

(counter-clockwise from top left) outfit one/outfit two/outfit three
I apologise first for one of the ugliest and quickest-made graphics I've posted on my blog recently. I am just about to leave for work so this is a quick one. Oh god, I've not even included outfit numbers. Hey, you're smart kids, you can work it out.

This dress was an absolute bargain, and it gets so many compliments it's ridiculous. It was £10 in the Zara sale over the summer and I ummed and ahhed over it, before thinking, oh well, it's a tenner. I already had a red dress so I wasn't sure if I'd wear it, but it's so lovely. The material is so thick and it's just a very pretty dress. The fit is a bit funny though- it's huge on the waist and really tight on the arms (which makes me super self-conscious), and I think it's an XS because they had no Smalls left when I went to get it. I'd tried it on in at lunchtime when I was on work experience and come back to get it, and there was thankfully, one left in an XS so I thought it was fate!

I really like all of these outfits. I think the first one was great for summer, but it's definitely much more of a fall/winter dress. I loved layering jackets and jumpers over it!

Which look is your favourite? Do you have any ideas on other ways to wear it? Let me know in the comments!!

I'd better be off to work- I'll be back tomorrow!!

Charlotte x


  1. love the dress. maybe you can use with colors cardigan.like green or yellow. :)
    Irene Wibowo

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  3. All dresses is very nice.I appreciate your choice.As a recognition of appreciation I would like to offer you a nice Necklace .Keep you fashion up.

  4. Seriously always so jealous of this dress, what a great price and the colour is wonderful. I think the third way is my favourite. Or that picture in your week in photos, you had it belted with a leopard print cardi? I request a full outfit post on that one ;)

  5. cant go wrong with a zara red dress for a tenner! Love all the ways youve styled it and will be great for festive season lol!!


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