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Today has not been the most exciting of weeks. I have two presentations on Monday and Tuesday and I've been ill since Saturday morning so I'm feeling a little rubbish. But I'm really hoping this next week will be better!! I just need an early night and lots of hot squash (that's for you, Ellen).

1. Crazy Monday heels
I tend to live in jeans, jumpers and cosy clothes over the weekend, when all I do is go to the library, sleep and work, so I tend to go a little dressy on a Monday morning. Admittedly though, these shoes were not my smartest choice- see Monday's post.
2. Blue Joe!
Okay, you know how I used to be obsessed with the Spoon and Cherry sculpture in Minneapolis? Well my home equivalent of that is the Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower, aka, Old Joe. Old Joe is the largest free-standing clock tower in the world, and is the focal point of my University. I never, ever get sick of seeing him. He is beautiful. Anyway, on Monday I received a text that said "Why is the clock blue?" from Steph, and when I left the library, Joe was in fact blue! It was one of many buildings across the country which was turned blue to commemorate World Diabetes Day.
3. Deceptive cake
Look at this cake. Chocolate chip right? NO! NO! IT WAS RAISIN! What a let down. It was charity week in the Dance Society last week so there was a bake sale in every class. Cake that goes to charity? Yeah, okay then!

4. Minnesota reference of the week
Okay this was cheating a bit, as the main character of the book was from Minnesota, but this was a reference to my very ow University of Minnesota, where I studied abroad.
5. Non-blogging day
I never, ever know what to wear on non-blogging days and fear "wasting" an outfit- bloggers, you know what I'm talking about!! I liked this outfit, would you like to see it properly on here?
6. Blue and red nails
I was a little upset to find my glitter nail varnish is so blue-toned- it doesn't quite look right with red nails. My lovely hosuemate Beth, however, has donated me her glitter nail polish so I can have proper red glittery nails!!

7. Minnesota Twins
Represent! Erick bought me this tshirt ages ago. I have never watched a baseball game in my life, but hey, it makes me feel close to "home".
8. Gold glitter nails
My absolute favourite nails at the moment. So fun and festive.
9. Tiny bag of buttons!
Perfect for a mid-studying snack.There were about 10 in the packet!!

10. Money-saving scheme
I am now so tight I bring my own tea bags to uni and ask for a cup of hot water. It'll save me about £10 a week!! I drink a lot of tea!!
11. NYE Shoes
If there's one thing you need to know about me, it's that I hate New Year's Eve with an absolute passion. So I think sparkly amazing shoes will make the evening much more enjoyable.
12. Electric Cinema
I absolutely love the Electric. It's the cutest little cinema in Birmingham which used to be an old theatre. You can get hot drinks, alcohol, cake and snacks in there and the seats are insanely comfy. I saw The Help there on Thursday.

I have never been so happy to see a microwave in my life!
14. Package from Mummy
Advent calendar, Marie Claire, letter from UMD and my new snood.
15. Home-made snood
My Mum made this snood for me- isn't it absolutely amazing?! I am so proud of her for making it for me. She's working on a mustard one for me next- yay!!

16-17: Friday Night's Dinner
I've just had some of the leftovers from this for my dinner tonight with cous cous and vegetables. It was good, but not as nice as my last tagine. Must perfect this!!
18. Sick-day jumper
Whenever I'm ill, I go for this jumper. Cosy, snuggly and with a panda on it. What more do you need?

19. No rest for the wicked
Library times with throat sweets
20. Lunch with Steph
I don't see my old housemate Steph anywhere near as much as I should so it was nice to sit down, have lunch and have a catch up yesterday. Especially as it involved a big mug of hot chocolate!!
21. Multi-coloured nails
Inspired by Gwen's post last weekend.

22. Right hand nails
I absolutely love this look. So cute and pretty, and as Gwen and I decided, very Primary School Chic.
23. Last minute Boost
I worked til 3.30am last night and I think this helped!!
24. Panda slippers
Because I love pandas.

25. Left hand nails
I bollocksed these up a little bit by not paying attention and painting the red and pink nails too close together.
26. Crazy night in
Cough syrup and hot chocolate. Wild. I gotta say though, this cough syrup is SO GOOD. It makes having a sore throat much more tasty.
27. Final touches
My outfit today was pretty boring- striped jumper, bandage skirt, aviator jacket and grey boots- but I think the bowler hat makes such a huge difference in turning this outfit from boring to chic. 

I'm gonna go try to sleep off this cold before my presentation tomorrow, so have a wonderful night guys and I'll be back tomorrow!

Charlotte x


  1. Love the snood your mum made for you, how cute!!! I hate when I feel like I waste an outfit, I usually try to do it again if I really liked it


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