Maroon 5

Hmm. This outfit worked really well in my head, but in real life I'm just not loving it. This skirt is a bit of a nightmare too. It's kinda see-through so I wear an underskirt under it, and it's also way too big. As is the underskirt. So I kinda spend my day ensuring that the underskirt isn't bunched up too much and that they are both under the belt, and then I had my blouse to contend with too. I also, like Friday, think there's too much maroon going on. And finally, I had a bit of a jacket crisis. All of my coats are mid-thigh length, which would have left some skirt sticking out underneath. I tried my military jacket which just looked a bit funny, before finally going for my aviator jacket, which looked not perfect, but would get me from my house to the library. I am very thankful for the unseasonably warm weather!!

Mondays are rarely productive, and this one was no exception. I like to start my week on a Tuesday. On a Monday, I am always still tired from work on Saturday night. and my two-hour seminar always interrupts my study time, even though it represents half of my class time for the week. I was extra-tired today as dinner went on til 11.30pm last night- and I had dragged myself to the library yesterday afternoon, even if it was only for 3 hours. It was such a great night though- Beth made so much food (which was amazing!!) and I made brownies and we just talked and watched TV. Perfect Sunday night. Today I had a bit of a sleep-in (sleeping in til 9 is a lie-in for me) and before I knew it it was time for class. Once I'd had lunch and had tea with my friend Eve, I only managed about 3 hours of library time today. However, I did get to my dance class and find out it was cancelled, and even though I was gutted (advanced hip hop is my favourite dance class) it did mean I could come home an hour earlier, and ergo get to bed an hour earlier. Score.

skirt- c/o French Connection
blouse- New Look
cardigan- Primark
boots- New Look

My 9am class tomorrow is cancelled because my teacher is ill, but because I'm so cool I think I'm gonna try and hit the library for 9 instead. Tuesday is also the only night I don't dance so it's likely to be a pretty epic library sesh tomorrow. My Mum is coming to visit at the weekend though, so I'm trying to get as much done as I can so we can spend Saturday Christmas shopping, eat delicious food and going to the Christmas markets. Early-morning library means no outfit photos tomorrow though (it's too dark now when I get home, sad face), but I have a new (hopefully!) weekly feature which I'm going to start tomorrow, so keep your eye out for that!

Have a lovely evening guys!!

Charlotte x


  1. I love the polka-dot blouse! LOVE!

  2. Ugh I hate when outfits don't come together like I think they will in my head. When everything is fitting weirdly, it's so frustating!! But I am loving the marroon and light skirt together, such a wonderful combination
    I really appreciated your comment on my post yesterday! I can't believe how rude people would be to create a false account to post mean comments! SO ridiculous.

  3. Oooh, I actually love the maroon ensemble! :D Though I liked your thoughts into the worries behind the outfit, I definitely agree there. :)


  4. this is a really wonderful outfit. You look beautiful in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wear it all the time!


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