Saturday, 19 November 2011

Weekend Remix: Mustard Zara Blazer

This blazer is the single most expensive item of clothing I have ever bought myself. It was £70 of my hard-earned student budget, but it's so, so beautiful and such a gorgeous colour. It is notoriously hard to find things that it goes with though. It was kinda a case of "ohemgeeitssoprettyineedit!!" and I didn't really think it through, but hey, it's good to have a few items in your wardrobe that are a bit of a challenge!!
I love that it brings a dash of colour to simple outfit, like in the last outfit, and is great for colour-blocking like in the first outfit. The second outfit is definitely my favourite though! The skirt and top aren't quite the right colour, but I couldn't believe the number of people who thought it was a suit!

I'm hoping to get a few more wears out if it before it gets too cold to be walking around in just a blazer (however, last year in Duluth, I would often just wear a coat over a blazer or my leather jacket, so maybe I'll just keep doing that!!). Which is your favourite outfit? Do you have any ideas of other ways I could wear it? let me know in the comments!!

Charlotte x


  1. you look so cute in all of them!! my fav is the first one!

  2. Totally in love with this mustard blazer, it's such a unique piece!! I love it in the last photo. I'd love to see you mix it with a red skirt, mustard and ketchup are my favourite colour combination :)